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Burping bacteria: Identifying Arctic microbes that produce methane

Scientists from the Labs collaborate with university researchers to improve climate models by studying soil and gas samples.

Navigating when GPS goes dark

A team at Sandia envisions quantum inertial sensors as revolutionary, onboard navigational aids that could safely guide vehicles where GPS signals are jammed or lost.

Life at the Red Shack

Thirty years ago, the U.S. conducted its last nuclear weapons test and enacted a ban on nuclear testing. Engineer and manager Freddie Hidalgo recounts his experiences while working on underground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site.

More benefit choices for 2023

With the help of an enhanced, interactive medical plan comparison tool, employees can decide the right medical plan for them and their families. Employees are encouraged to enroll for benefits by Nov. 9.

Answering the call

Lab News asked several Sandians about their support of the mission and what it means to them. Read their stories.

Cultivating safety culture at Sandia

The National Safety Council honors industrial hygienist Christopher Quinn-Vawter for demonstrating leadership and fostering a strong culture of safety at the Labs.

Spooky STEM

Volunteers with Sandia Women’s Action Network visited students at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center to promote interest in STEM by leading autumnal activities.