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PNM, Sandia partner on energy tech development

Sandia and New Mexico’s largest electricity provider, PNM, have teamed up to bring energy resilience, security and stability to the state and country. They have signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to collaborate in numerous fields, with Sandia's work funded by the DOE Office of Electricity's Energy Storage Program.

Into the future

Sandia has released its Five Year Goals and FY21 Objectives, summarized in a familiar trifold pamphlet, mapping out how the Labs will achieve its long-term strategic direction of anticipating and solving the most challenging problems that threaten security in the 21st century and render exceptional service in the national interest.

Turning up the heat on molten salt valves

Sandia is partnering with Flowserve Corp. and Kairos Power LLC on a $2.5 million, three-year DOE Advanced Valve Project grant to lower the cost and boost the efficiency of concentrating solar power in the U.S.

Jackie Chen named DOE fellow

Jackie Chen, whose work on fundamental turbulence-chemistry interactions in combustion helped advance the design of automotive, gas turbine and jet engines, has been selected by DOE as a distinguished scientist fellow — one of only eight researchers in the nation to hold the distinction.

Cyber programs engage future workforce

The growing demand for cybersecurity professionals around the globe puts a premium on those in the industry and makes cybersecurity a critical skills area at Sandia. GET SCET and Tracer FIRE are two Sandia programs that have been put in place to help grow the number of talented individuals available to enter the cybersecurity pipeline.

Women @ Energy features Brooke Marshall Garcia

Sandia civil engineer Brooke Marshall Garcia has been recognized by DOE’s Women @ Energy: STEM Rising website, which honors women in STEM fields throughout the DOE complex. During her time at Sandia, Brooke has been involved in research, including grid resiliency, neutron generator production, mechanical processes and supply chain development.

Women @ Energy features Erika Roesler

Sandia atmospheric and climate scientist Erika Roesler has been recognized by DOE’s Women @ Energy: STEM Rising website, which honors women in STEM fields throughout the DOE complex. During her time at Sandia, Erika has worked in climate modeling, where her research seeks to understand how clouds may vary as a result of climate change.

Sandia Gives, now more than ever

Sandia makes it easy to support our communities by conveniently giving to the United Way of Central New Mexico through payroll deductions. Employees may choose to allocate their donations to United Way or opt to give to other charities that support our communities. The annual Sandia Gives campaign begins Oct. 5.

Working parents meet virtual challenges

With school closures and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandia parents are finding ways to meet their work commitments while balancing the unique needs of their family schedules, including taking advantage of Sandia resources, receiving management support and finding outside networks.