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Machine-learning technique could improve fusion energy outputs

Machine-learning techniques, best known for teaching self-driving cars to stop at red lights, may soon help researchers around the world improve their control over the most complicated reaction known to science: nuclear fusion.

Successful crash test meets major milestone for nuclear deterrence program

Sandia and partners conducted a successful full-scale MGT crash test this summer, meeting a major NNSA milestone. The test involved using the Labs’ sled track and rockets to propel a tractor-trailer into the MGT prototype.

50 million artificial neurons to facilitate machine-learning research

Fifty million artificial neurons were delivered from Intel Corp. to Sandia in September. The neurons will be assembled to advance a relatively new kind of computing, neuromorphic, based on the principles of the human brain.

Herrera appointed to national quantum computing advisory committee

Sandia Fellow Gil Herrera has been appointed to the newly established U.S. National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee, charged with advising the nation’s highest offices on matters concerning quantum information science.

Peery signs annual stockpile assessment letter

Labs Director James S. Peery signed Sandia’s annual nuclear weapons stockpile assessment letter on Sept. 23. The letter signing represents the culmination of many months of work engaging every division at Sandia.

NNSA Administrator visits Sandia’s California campus

NNSA Administrator and DOE Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty visited Sandia’s California campus on Sept. 30 to tour the new SPEAR facility and receive an update on the Labs’ COVID-19 response efforts.

Bonano and Rivas earn HENAAC recognition

Tito Bonano and Ang Rivas have been honored for their achievements and leadership at the 32nd annual Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards virtual conference in September.

Sandia Gives, stronger together

When there is a need, Sandia shows up. This year, the Sandia Gives campaign has set a goal to increase employee participation from 45% to 50%, to continue the Labs’ long-standing commitment to our communities.

Safety class is still in session

Sandia’s Environment, Safety & Health training teams have made changes to safety classes to keep work moving forward while offering students protection from COVID-19.