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Material helps extinguish solar panel fires before they ignite

Sandia researchers have spent 10 years working with Guardian Sensors Inc. to understand hazardous arc faults that can spark fires in solar panels. That work has led to the development of electrical in-line connectors that automatically predict and prevent arc faults before they can ignite electrical fires.

Remembering Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper, one of the world’s foremost explosives experts, passed away recently at the age of 83. Paul retired from Sandia in 2012, but his explosives research, seminal textbook and mentorship of future scientists lives on at the Labs and in other organizations internationally.

Honoring those who served

Hundreds attended Sandia’s Veterans Day Celebration on Nov. 12. The virtual ceremony honored the achievements and sacrifices of Sandia’s veterans, active military personnel, guardsmen, reservists and their families.

Renewed base support agreement sharpens Sandia’s emergency management focus

As part of some changes to Sandia’s emergency management program this year, a new agreement has been signed with Kirtland Air Force Base. The agreement shifts key emergency response capabilities, like incident command, hazardous materials, technical rescue and others, to Kirtland Fire Emergency Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Overcoming COVID fatigue

Sandians are proving to be adaptable and flexible as they pivot in response to near-daily changes caused by the pandemic. After more than eight months of changes, there is a new name for what we’re experiencing — COVID fatigue. How we choose to react will affect our personal health, our mission at Sandia and the timing of the virus’s eventual defeat.