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Flight test succeeds despite pandemic limitations

Overcoming COVID-19 pandemic challenges through virtual means, teams from Sandia and the U.S. Air Force under the guidance of NNSA performed a critical B61-12 flight test aboard the F-35A Lightning II jet fighter.

Sandia takes home six 2020 R&D 100 Awards

Sandia researchers have earned six R&D 100 Awards this year — three as sole winners and three with partner organizations — bringing the Labs’ total to 140 awards since 1976.

Advancing nuclear security education

Sandia and the University of New Mexico are teaming up to create a new approach to teaching nuclear security. Their goal: create a one-of-a-kind, graduate-level program that focuses on technical skills in education, research and professional development.

SASE honors Sandia and Tian Ma at annual awards

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers named Sandia its 2020 Organization of the Year in the government category and honored Sandia computer scientist Tian Ma with the 2020 Professional Achievement Award at its virtual national conference in October.

Society of Women Engineers honors three Sandians

Sandia researchers Christina Beppler, Ireena Erteza and Anne Grillet have earned recognition for their career achievements at the 2020 Society of Women Engineers annual awards.

Bo Song named Asian American Engineer of the Year

Sandia mechanical engineer Bo Song has been recognized as a 2020 Asian American Engineer of the Year by the DiscoverE Engineering Program, which honors outstanding Asian American professionals in science and engineering for their technical achievements, leadership and public service.

LaFleur featured on DOE Women in STEM site

Sandia engineer Chris LaFleur, an internationally recognized expert in fire risk, has been recognized for her achievements by DOE’s Women @ Energy: STEM Rising website, which honors women in STEM fields throughout the DOE complex.

Think 2 Up, Act 2 Over

When former Special Forces officer Ed Williams joined Sandia’s California site as a strategic planner last year, he was already well versed in Integrated Service Delivery. Here, he explains how to use the Think 2 Up, Act 2 Over approach to improve personal accountability and teaming for mission success.

Sandia brings the magic to Science Fiesta

Sandia researchers got creative this year to develop virtual tours, video experiments and more to support the annual New Mexico Science Fiesta Expo, an interactive learning event for children of all ages from across the state. YouTube videos of many of the events are still available online.