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Wind tunnel and lasers give nation a hypersonic proving ground

Sandia's hypersonic wind tunnel and advanced laser diagnostic technology are helping U.S. defense agencies understand the physics associated with aircraft flying five times faster than the speed of sound. With potential adversaries reporting successes in their own programs to develop aircraft that can be flown at Mach 5 or greater, U.S. development of autonomous hypersonic systems is a top defense priority.

First-ever Innovation XLab takes energy storage research, technology to investor community

A Sandia team attended DOE’s first-ever Innovation XLab — an event targeting the commercialization and innovation of energy technologies. This particular Innovation XLab focused on energy storage, an essential tool for a reliable, resilient, and flexible power grid and electric vehicles.

H2AWSM: Cool cars, more fueling stations

Sandia/California celebrated the fourth annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day with an event on Oct. 8, highlighting the Labs' advanced research involving hydrogen fuel and how that research impacts transportation energy at the national level.

Sandia hosts next generation of nuclear experts

Seven years ago, the NNSA established the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, a collaboration among universities and national laboratories whose purpose is to train the next generation of nuclear security experts. This year, Sandia/California hosted the group’s fall workshop and advisory board meeting.

Marines, to MMA, to subcontract manager

It has been an adventurous road to Sandia for Supply Chain subcontract manager Matt Leyva, one that includes service in the Marine Corps, a professional fighting career and acting as a stuntman in movies filmed in New Mexico.

New strategy helps triple Labs veteran hires

A new, deliberate and strategic military veteran hiring initiative at Sandia has paid off. The number of military veterans hired at Sandia tripled in fiscal year 2018 and marked the highest veteran hiring rate in the history of the Labs.

Kenneth Armijo wins UNM Zia award

Sandia mechanical engineer Kenneth Armijo, who leads bilingual family science events by night and researches solar energy and assists small businesses by day, received the prestigious Zia Award from his alma mater, the University of New Mexico.