Sandia LabNews

A big reach

Sandia partnerships map shows impact across the US

Burning Rubber

Sandia researchers win best paper award for review of how rubber ages

Advances toward quantum computing

Precise atom implants in silicon provide first step toward quantum computers

Algae raceway

Algae raceway paves path from lab to real-world applications

Sealing the deal

New ways of looking at glass-to-metal seals

Channeling the inner geek

‘You know you’re an engineer when’ winners named

Service-driven women

Service Driven Women: Sandia marks Women's History Month

The apple doesn’t fall far

Sandia innovator named Most Promising Asian American Engineer

Always there

Always there: Sandia/California marks 60 years of engineering, science, and service

A new era of astronomy begins

A new era of astronomy begins: Detection of gravitational waves called one of the century’s great science breakthroughs


WeaselBoard is a PLC backplane analysis system that connects directly to the PLC backplane to capture backplane communications between modules. WeaselBoard forwards inter-module traffic to an external analysis system that detects changes to process control settings, sensor values, module configuration information, firmware updates, and process control program (logic) updates.