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Let’s get cracking

Geoscientists have detected gases released from fractured rocks in real time, which could improve the prediction of earthquakes or help locate underground explosions.

An unlikely plan helps fast-track conventional hypersonic weapons

Faced with an urgent mission, staff reshape how they work with industry.

Record-setting Kids Day

Nearly 2,200 visitors participated in Kids Day on April 27. Activities included watching an explosives test, baking cookies at the solar tower and more.

Using math to map social connections

Cybersecurity expert Mike Brzustowicz believes a well-known mathematical function is the key to performing complex social analysis.

Sandia Fellow Amber Romero: Fixing supply chain ills

Supply chain analyst Amber Romero’s insight informs decision-making at Sandia and beyond.

Vet-owned small business nominated for DOE award

Sandia nominated Pluma LLC, a New Mexico-based general construction business, as DOE Protégé of the Year.

Time to shine

Community Involvement and Mission Services collected gowns, blazers, jewelry and more for students attending prom in Albuquerque this spring.

Conference room dedicated to deceased Sandia leader

Scott Collis, a former Center for Computing Research director who served almost 20 years at Sandia, was praised in a ceremony honoring his life and work.

Sandians prepare community garden on Earth Day

A group of volunteers spread mulch and cleared brush at Rio Grande Food Project in Albuquerque.