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Better batteries for grid-scale energy storage

Researchers Leo Small, Erik Spoerke and Martha Gross developed sodium batteries that can operate at lower temperatures, at a lower cost, more safely and for longer than standard lead-acid or lithium ion batteries.

Sandia engineer turns error detection into ‘secret language’ for enhanced data security

While researching ways to decrease errors in electronic messages, computer scientist Celestino Corral invented a method that could make messages, like email, more difficult for unauthorized “listeners” to decode.

U.S. Senate confirms former Labs Director Jill Hruby as NNSA Administrator

Jill was sworn in as the DOE Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and NNSA Administrator on Monday, July 26. Jill was Sandia President and Laboratories Director from 2015 to 2017 and the first woman to lead a national…

Sandia brings best cybersecurity minds to bear in national policy talks

The Labs hosted a series of virtual events called Meeting of the Minds to discuss changing threats and ways to improve national cybersecurity.

Inspiring future nuclear engineers

Sandians share technical expertise and candidly discuss their career paths with students from Gallup and Miyamura High Schools.

Celebrating the victors

2021 Employee Recognition Awards ceremonies were held in New Mexico and California this week. Sandia celebrated outstanding employees and teams whose…

Sandia Core Values define culture and mission

The Sandia Core Values were initially drafted in 1989 to reflect the Labs’ core purpose. Over the years, as the Labs’ work has evolved, the values were refined to reflect these changes.

Internship program paves successful path for American Indian and Alaska Native students

Native students are the most underrepresented group in STEM education, but Sandians hope to encourage careers in engineering and energy through its…

Lessons in nuclear history

Historian Alan Carr presented the history of nuclear weapons development and testing to more than 900 participants in a new speaker series. In September, historian Katie…

Eight Sandians mentor high school students in virtual quantum science program

Sandian volunteers contributed their time and talent to assist high schoolers across the U.S. in quantum computing and technology projects.