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Sandia, Intel seek novel memory tech to support stockpile mission

Sandia is partnering with Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national labs and Intel Federal LLC to develop technologies that impact future computer systems for complex modeling and simulation.

Big bomb laid to rest

A retired nuclear-bomb trainer, built in 1954, was the latest item in the Weapon Dismantlement and Disposition Program to be moved into the final stage of its lifecycle.

Experiments at the heart of a nuclear reaction

Sandia researchers help make next-generation reactors safer and better.

How we know they work

Located in Amarillo, Texas, the team at Sandia’s Weapons Evaluation Test Laboratory simulates everything a weapon would experience.

Defense Programs Awards of Excellence

More than 200 Sandians were honored with the prestigious NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence during a ceremony last month.

A power tower rises

The Generation 3 Particle Pilot Plant will stand tall by the National Solar Thermal Test Facility. This image portrays a rendering of the completed tower.

International team plans to transform battery databases

The Battery Data Genome aims to spur innovation and ultimately support the transformation of electric-grid infrastructure.

Sandia steps up, gives back during the holidays

Initiatives in California and New Mexico improve the communities where Sandians live and work.

Improving mission delivery highlighted at day-long technical symposium

Participants in the symposium tackled accelerated product realization — a Sandia strategic milestone — sharing concepts, accomplishments and lessons learned.