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New superalloy could cut carbon emissions from power plants

The 3D-printed, high-performance material could help power plants generate more electricity while producing less carbon.

Securing supply chains with quantum computing

As global events disrupt supply chains, Sandia research moves science closer to restoring global security during future periods of unrest.

AMD selected to improve stockpile mission

A partnership between AMD, Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national labs aims to accelerate advanced computing in support of stockpile stewardship.

Sandia cyber specialists are turning purple, and that’s a good thing

DOE cybersecurity competition CyberForce challenges red-versus-blue mentality for a more cooperative approach.

Preventing the next pandemic

Climate change could be contributing to diseases that spread from animals to humans, like such as COVID-19. A Sandia team organizes a workshop for experts to discuss climate-driven zoonotic risks.

Sandia Fellow Cynthia Phillips: Happiness is solving problems

Since joining the Labs, Cynthia’s work in cybersecurity has advanced research in many areas in response to changing mission priorities.

Finding purpose in progress

Sandia manager Camron Proctor shares his story as part of the Labs’ celebration of Black History Month.