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Hackers could try to take over a military aircraft; can a cyber shuffle stop them?

Sandia and Purdue University team up to test cyberdefense against an algorithm trained to break it.

Studying ship tracks

To develop tools that could inform methods for slowing climate change and its impacts, scientists are studying clouds formed by moving ships.

Can clay capture carbon dioxide?

A team of engineers and scientists are exploring new ways to capture carbon dioxide from the air we breathe.

Hybrid work model advances

Three years since the pandemic began, many businesses have returned workers to their old office spaces. Sandia is doing things differently.

Sandia names Truman Fellows

These fellows pursue high-risk, high-reward ideas in their research. Read about what they plan to accomplish at the Labs.

Biden taps Labs’ senior leader for quantum advisory committee

Associate Labs Director Deborah Frincke brings her expertise to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

G3P3 build begins

Concentrating solar staff broke ground on the Generation 3 Particle Pilot Plant last week.

Sandia Fellow Tina Nenoff: It’s all about materials

Tina credits early mentors for inspiring her career and success as a materials scientist.