Sandia LabNews

B61-12 production begins

More than 5,000 employees worked to produce the first completely refurbished bomb for the B61-12 Life Extension Program.

Improved nuclear accident code helps policymakers assess risks from small reactors

Sandia updated software to support regulators’ evaluation of the consequences of nuclear accidents.

Algorithm could shorten quality testing, research in many industries by months

Machine learning could provide auto manufacturing, aerospace and other industries a faster, more cost-efficient way to test metals.

Truman and Hruby 2022 postdocs advance to their positions

The four selected fellows are granted unusual freedom in their research. Read about what they plan to accomplish at the Labs.

Mathematician proud to help climate security studies

Khachik Sargsyan is developing algorithms to predict changing climate trends.

Failing successfully

Seminars at Sandia/California highlight how to overcome failure and embrace the lessons from it.

Sandia researchers update software tool for wind turbine blades

They hope to build a community of wind energy researchers at national laboratories, universities and more through their work.

Sandia honors Black History Month

The Black Leadership Committee invites employees to enjoy Afro-inspired dishes, learn about advocating for Black Health and Wellness and more in February.

Scientists and engineers inspire STEM learning in local high school forums

Sandia Women’s Connection volunteers organize a speaker series that brings real-world experiences to the classroom.