Sandia LabNews

Extending nuclear power accident code for advanced reactor designs

Sandia expands its accident modeling software, called Melcor, to help the Nuclear Regulatory Commission evaluate the safety of new nuclear reactor designs.

Demonstration of high-speed alloy creation might revolutionize hydrogen’s future

A group of Sandians and international collaborators use computational models to predict the phenomena that occurs when hydrogen interacts with metals.

A study in resilience in a year of pandemic

Andy McIlroy, associate labs director of the Integrated Security Solutions division, reflects on Sandia successes despite unprecedented challenges in the last 18 months.

COVID-19 diagnostics testing makes clear impact

The diagnostics team was able to process test results quickly and reliably, which enabled mission-essential teams, like the nuclear deterrence program, to work safely on-site and meet their commitments.

Pathways to production

RetSynth software helps scientists identify the series of biological and chemical reactions needed to modify the molecules in a cell and ultimately create a desired biological product.

Sandia uncovers hidden factors that affect solar farms during severe weather

Researchers use machine learning to determine the age of a solar farm and the amount of cloud cover, both factors that affect farm performance in severe weather.

Videoconferencing growth fuels collaboration

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at-home orders, the Integrated Video Solutions team has expanded its digital toolset to ensure Sandia continues to meet mission deliverables.

Sandia poised to help lead national energy, homeland security efforts for coming decades

The Energy and Homeland Security portfolio includes the formation of a climate change center in January and more than 40 cybersecurity projects for the Department of Homeland Security.

Virtual volunteer events a silver lining in a year of uncertainty

Volunteers support young leaders of innovation through a variety of educational outreach opportunities.

Protected raptors build nest at Livermore campus

The Swainson’s hawk is the latest addition to Sandia/California’s wildlife.