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Modernization and stockpile programs meet key milestones

Nuclear deterrence programs are expanding rapidly. Learn about program updates and recently completed milestones.

For such a time as this

Associate Labs Director Andy McIlroy urges staff to answer the call.

Creating opportunities for America’s future leaders

Military cadets gain engineering and national security experience at the Labs through a Sandia program that collaborates with U.S. service academies.

Looking 10,000 years into the future

Sandia’s Carlsbad site serves as science adviser to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

Experiential design upgrades California campus

Sandia’s mission inspires the design of workspaces across the Livermore site.

Sandia soil scientist studies climate change impacts

In an interview with Umakant Mishra, he shares about his research on the terrestrial carbon cycle, ways Sandia can help address the climate crisis and advice for recruiting others to advance climate security.

Solar thermochemical process produces low-carbon ammonia

Sandia scientists explore making ammonia with little more than sun, air and hydrogen.

Answering the call

Lab News asked several Sandians about their support of the mission and what it means to them. Read their stories.

Improving hydrogen safety codes and standards

Sandia researcher earns a DOE award for his work that advances the safe deployment of hydrogen technologies.

Hobby sessions build virtual connections

Once a month, Sandia/California comes together for a virtual hobby session, where they learn about a colleague’s favorite pastime. Read about many of the fascinating topics that volunteers have shared.

Encouraging minority students in STEM

Interns learn technical skills and gain insight into national security through a program that connects minority-serving colleges and universities with NNSA labs and plants.

Bay Area giving together

Sandia partners with Berkeley Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to combat food insecurity.