Sandia LabNews

Reinventing offshore wind turbines

Engineers at Sandia imagine a smaller, less expensive floating turbine and develop modeling software to set their idea in motion.

We’ve got the power

A successful test on the Sandia-Kirtland Air Force Base electrical grid demonstrates the benefits of a new power-generating system.

Leading from the front

Sandia New Mexico and California use enough electricity annually to power 40,000 houses for a year. An energy management team at the Labs introduces site sustainability initiatives that decrease electricity consumption.

Answering the call

Lab News asked several Sandians about their support of the mission and what it means to them. Read their stories.

Sandia’s role in the nuclear weapons life cycle

While many staff members work outside of the nuclear deterrence program, all our work has a connection to national security and Sandia’s role in developing, producing and maintaining the nuclear stockpile. Learn more about the weapons life cycle.

Sandia gives $1M to nonprofits

This year, grants have been awarded to 85 nonprofits in New Mexico and California. On National Nonprofit Day, the Labs recognizes organizations that make a major impact on their communities.

Summer STEM with Girls Inc.

Volunteers from Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories teamed up to teach STEM to 70 campers at Girls Inc. in Santa Fe.