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Enhancing advanced nuclear reactor analysis

A team of engineers have developed a standardized screening method to determine the most important radioactive isotopes that could leave an advanced reactor site in the unlikely event of an accident.

Electric vehicle battery safety takes the front seat

A Sandia-led team is working to create more affordable, convenient, efficient and resilient electric vehicle batteries.

Looking to the future

High school students from Gallup and Grants, New Mexico, spent a day learning about Sandia and hearing career stories from staff who grew up in their hometowns.

2023 Environmental Excellence Awards winners announced

Staff members who helped Sandia reduce its impact on the environment will be recognized as part of Sandia’s Earth Month celebration.

On-site sustainability efforts reduce energy usage

The Energy Management team reports on how their programs are increasing sustainability at the Labs. Learn more about how Sandia is investing in the planet.

Building a climate action toolbox

Lab News interviewed climate security expert Erin Sikorsky about the national security impacts of climate change. Sandians are invited to attend her Earth Month presentation on Monday.

Carlsbad staff gives back

A group of Sandians, their families and friends cleaned up litter along the Pecos River.

Chemist researches nuclear fuel cycle, critical metals to fight climate change

Andrew Knight explains how nuclear energy could strengthen the fight against climate change and the importance of making climate change an approachable topic for everyone.

Watershed models offer learning moments

Volunteers from Environment, Safety and Health visited 40 fifth-grade classrooms to provide hands-on education about the importance of preventing water pollution.