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Remember the TITANS

TITANS (Technical Internships to Advance National Security) University Days is an annual event that supports research and recruiting partnerships with Sandia’s Academic Alliance/Campus Executive schools, the Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program, and other universities across the country.

About 20 faculty members participated in this year’s event, held July 25-28, that included tours, technical talks, and activities at various locations around Sandia. TITANS University Days is held in conjunction with the Student Internship Program Symposium, which gives students the opportunity to present what they worked on over the summer. Faculty have the opportunity to visit with students, gain insight into Sandia’s capabilities and the broad spectrum of work being done at the Labs, and develop relationships with research staff, fostering potential collaborations and future recruiting efforts. One of the highlights this year was a visit to TracerFIRE (Forensic Incident Response Exercise), a hands-on cybersecurity learning experience.

TITANS is an umbrella program over three Division 5000 internship institutes: the Center for Analysis Systems and Applications, the Center for Cyber Defenders, and the Monitoring Systems and Technology Intern Center. Interns are exposed to all three institutes and work in a wide range of technical fields dominated by computer science and engineering and electrical and mechanical engineering.