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Sen. Udall leads water tech roundtable

‘Water is a crisis issue,’ New Mexico’s senior senator tells local leaders

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US Sen. Tom Udall, D-NM, hosted a roundtable with local leaders in water technology innovation including California Site Div. 8000 VP Marianne Walck on May 2 at Applied Technology Associates in the Sandia Science & Technology Park. Marianne leads Sandia’s Energy and Climate Program Management Unit.

Udall called Sandia “a great national treasure with incredible research, technology, and development.” He kicked off the discussion by saying, “Water is a crisis issue.” The purpose of the roundtable, the senator said, was to encourage collaboration on solutions to long-standing challenges related to water.

Presenters included Sandia researchers Tom Lowry (6926) and Mike Hightower (6114). Tom’s presentation focused on the work Sandia does in water systems modeling for decision support, and Mike discussed the depth and breadth of the Labs’ work with water treatment technology research and development. Local developers, students, and business owners also participated in the roundtable.