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Clean air high on TCR priority list

Clean air high on TCR priority list

An important aspect of the Thermal Test Complex — obvious to all who see the drawing of the proposed facility — is the state-of-the-art electrostatic precipitation system.

This high-efficiency air filtration system — connected to the test complex with an elaborate ducting system — uses electrically charged plates to trap particles from the fire emissions. The particles are diverted to a special collection tank, explains Mike Valley, co-project manager (9134). "Sandia is taking this extra step to make sure any materials coming out of the fire are filtered prior to the air being discharged."

Sandia’s plans to keep the environment clean and minimize the impact of testing garnered praise from Patty Wagner, Sandia Site Office Manager for the NNSA. "Installation of this system shows that Sandia is conscious of working in this community and protective of the environment," she says.

Sandia examined a number of possibilities and selected the one with the lowest life-cycle cost and highest efficiency, says Mike. The system will cost about $3 million. Because the system uses no

liquids, it significantly minimizes and simplifies waste handling for the Labs’ Hazardous Waste Management employees.