Supporting all elements of IMS projects


Labs and Test Sites

Integrated Military Systems maintains a number of state-of-the-art testing and fabrication facilities. Supporting all elements of IMS projects including design, prototyping, fabrication, development, testing, and assessments, these facilities enable customers to quickly realize their projects and get the information they need in a fast and effective way.

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Davis Gun
Davis Gun
This trailer-mounted recoilless gun system developed by Sandia is used for conducting penetration experiments in remote field locations. Mounted with a 16" barrel, the Davis Gun reaches pressures of up to 42,000 psi and can launch a 2,500 lb. unit at 1,200 fps or 500 lb. unit at 3,200 fps.
HPM/RFA Anechoic Chamber
The High Power Microwave/ Radio Frequency Applications (HPM/RFA) Anechoic Chamber was designed and built for threat-level HPM testing of large platforms. Currently in use for both HPM source and antenna development, the chamber is large enough to accommodate a military vehicle and has an attached Hi-Bay laboratory.