Applies to: Surfaces

Summary: Automatically meshes parametric surface geometry with triangle elements.


Surface <range> Scheme TriDelaunay


The scheme TriDelaunay  is a parametric meshing algorithm.  It can be run in two modes.  The default mode (asp) combines the Delaunay [Watson,81] criterion for connecting nodes into triangles with an advancing-front approach for inserting nodes into the mesh.  This method maximizes the number of regular triangles in the mesh but does not guarantee the minimum angle quality of the triangles.  A guaranteed quality (gq) mode can be used for planar surfaces (only).  This mode refines the initial Delaunay configuration by placing points at the centroids of the worst triangles until the mesh has an acceptable density.  To switch between the two modes, use the following setting command.

[Set] Tridelaunay point placement {gq | guaranteed quality | asp}

TriDelaunay can also utilize a sizing function if one is defined for the surface.
Note: This algorithm is unstable for periodic surfaces which include a singularity point, E.G. spheres with poles, cone tips and some types of toruses.  Use scheme TriMesh, TriAdvance or QTri to mesh non-parametric or periodic parametric surfaces.