Explicit Specification of Intervals

The density of mesh edges along curves is specified by setting the actual number of intervals or by specifying a desired interval size.  The number of intervals can be explicitly set curve by curve, or implicitly set by specifying the intervals on a surface or volume containing that edge.  For example, setting the intervals for a volume sets the intervals on all curves in that volume.

The command to specify the number of intervals at the command line is:

{Curve|Surface|Volume|Body|Group} <range> Interval <intervals>

When setting interval counts for surfaces, volumes, bodies and groups, an interval's firmness of soft is assigned to the owned curves. When setting the interval count for a curve, a firmness of hard is assigned.

The user can scale the current intervals with the following commands. Scaling is done on an entity by entity basis.

{Curve|Surface|Volume|Body|Group} <range> Interval Factor <factor>