The subtract operation subtracts one body or set of bodies from another body or set of bodies. The order of subtraction is significant - the body or bodies specified before the From keyword is/are subtracted from bodies specified after From. The new body retains the original body's id. If any additional bodies are created, they will be given the next highest available ids. The keep option simply retains all of the original bodies. The command is:

Subtract [Volume|BODY] <range> From [Volume|BODY] <range> [Imprint] [Keep]

The imprint option imprints the subtracted bodies onto the resultant body.

Remove Overlap

The Remove Overlap command is a simplified form of the subtract operation above. This command takes exactly two volumes as arguments and uses the modify argument to define the volume where material is to be removed.

Remove Overlap Volume <id1> <id2> modify [Volume <id> | Smaller | Larger]

The Smaller and Larger options are an alternate method of specifying which volume from <id1> or <id2> where material will be removed. When these argument are used, the geometric volume is measured for both volumes and the smaller or larger volume repectively is used as the modify entity. When both volumes have exactly the same volume, the smaller or larger entity ID is used.