CUBIT Mailing Lists

The CUBIT team maintains a couple of mailing lists to help our users.

1) The cubit-announce mailing list is a very low-volume mailing list intended to provide news of new releases and other items of major importance. To subscribe to this list, send a message to:
with the body of the message being:

subscribe cubit-announce

2) The cubit users mailing list is a medium-volume mailing list intended for our users to communicate with each other and ask help of the user community. It also contains the same announcements as the cubit-announce mailing list. To send questions or comments to this list, send email to:

Users can subscribe to the cubit mailing list by emailing with a message body consisting of the single line:

subscribe cubit

An additional mailing list,, has been created for direct communication with the CUBIT developers. These messages won't reach other users. This list should be used for topics that are not of general interest to others, including some bugs.

key.gif Note: The recommended use of an electronic mailing list to report bugs and request enhancements is not intended to discourage face-to-face discussion with CUBIT developers, but rather to minimize response time. Users are encouraged to discuss bugs, enhancements or general meshing issues with the CUBIT production meshing and development teams.