ACIS Geometry Kernel

ACIS is a proprietary format developed by Spatial Technologies. CUBIT incorporates the ACIS third party libraries directly within the program. The ACIS third party libraries are used extensively within CUBIT to import, export and maintain the underlying geometric representations of the solid model for geometry decomposition and meshing. There are many ways to get geometry into the ACIS format. ACIS files can be exported directly from several commercial CAD packages, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and HP PE/SolidDesigner. Third party ACIS translators are also available for converting from native formats such as Pro Engineer. CUBIT also uses the ACIS libraries for importing IGES and STEP format files.

Importing and creating geometry using the ACIS geometric modeling kernel currently provides the widest set of capabilities within CUBIT. All geometry creation and modification tools have been designed to work directly on the ACIS representation of the model.