Creating Vertices

The basic commands available for creating new vertices directly in CUBIT are:

1. XYZ location: The simplest form of this command is to specify the XYZ location of the vertex. It can also be created lying on a curve or surface in the geometric model by specifying the curve or surface id; the position of the vertex will be the point on the specified entity which is closest to the position specified on the command. With all of these commands, the user is able to specify the color of the vertex.

Create Vertex <x><y><z> [On [Curve | Surface] <id>] [Color <color_name>]

2. On Curve - Fraction: A vertex can be positioned a certain fraction of the arc length along a curve using the second form of the command.

Create Vertex On Curve <id> Fraction <0.0 to 1.0> [Color <color_name>]

Vertex 3 in the following example was created with this command:

create vertex on curve 1 fraction 0.25 from vertex 1

Figure 1. Create Vertex a Fraction of the length of a Curve

3. On Curve - General: A more general purpose form of the command is also available for creating vertices on curves:

Create Vertex On Curve <id_list> { MIDPOINT | Start | End | Fraction <val 0.0 to 1.0> [From Vertex <id> | Start|End] | Distance <val> [From {Vertex|Curve|Surface} <id> | Start|End] | {{Close_To|At} Location {options} | Position <xval><yval><zval>|{Node|Vertex} <id>} | Extrema [Direction] {options} [Direction {options}] [Direction {options}] | Segment <num_segs> | Crossing {Curve|Surface} <id_list> [Bounded|Near] } [Color <color_name>]

It allows the vertex to be created at a fractional distance along the curve, at an actual distance from one of the curves ends, at the closest location to an xyz position or another vertex, or at a specified distance from a vertex, curve or surface. You can also preview the location first with the command Draw Location On Curve (where the rest of the command is identical to the Create Vertex form).

4. From Vertex: Create a vertex from an existing vertex.

Create Vertex from Vertex <id_list> [ On {Curve|Surface} <id> ] [Color <color_name>]

If 'on curve|surface' option is used, the vertex is positioned on that curve or surface. When the 'on curve|surface' is not used, the new vertex is positioned on the existing vertex.

5. At Arc: Another form simply creates vertices at arc or circle centers.

Create Vertex Center Curve <id_list> [Color <color_name>]

6: At Intersection: The last form creates vertices at the intersection of two curves. If the bounded qualifier is used, the vertices are limited to lie on the curves, otherwise the extensions of the curves are also used to calculate the intersections. The near option is only valid for straight lines, where the closest point on each curve is created if they do not actually intersect (resulting in two new vertices).

Create Vertex AtIntersection Curve <id1> <id2> [Bounded] [Near] [Color <color_name>]