Healing is an optional module that detects and fixes ACIS models. 

It is possible to create ACIS models that are not accurate enough for ACIS to process. This most often happens when geometry is created in some other modeling system and translated into an ACIS model. Such models may be imprecise due to the inherent numerical limitations of their parent systems, or due to limitations of data transfer through neutral file formats. This imprecision can also result when an ACIS model is created at a different tolerance from the current tolerance settings. This imprecision leads to problems such as geometric errors in entities, gaps between entities, and the absence of connectivity information (topology). Since ACIS is a high precision modeler, it expects all entities to satisfy stringent data integrity checks for the proper functioning of its algorithms. Therefore, if such imprecise models must be processed by an ACIS based system, "healing" of such models is necessary to establish the desired precision and accuracy.

The following sections describe how to use the Healing capability in ACIS and CUBIT to analyze and heal defective ACIS geometry.