Vertex Sizing and Automatic Curve Biasing

Sizes can now be specified on vertices to control biasing along curves. If a curve has a bias scheme the vertex sizes will be honored, even if it is inherited from parent geometry.

Set a size on a vertex  with the following command:

vertex <id> size <size>

Bias can be turned on with:

curve <id> scheme bias

For tri/tet meshing, curve biasing is on by default to generate higher quality tri/tet meshes. Not only is the difference noticeable when setting sizes on vertices, but it is also noticeable when setting various sizes on connected curves, surfaces, or volumes. To turn curve biasing off issue the following command:

curve<id> scheme equal

In the following examples, the surfaces have been given sizes. In the first graphic auto bias is not enabled. In the second graphic auto bias is enabled.

When auto bias is enabled sizes on vertices are respected.  If a size hasn't been directly set on a vertex the size is inherited from the parent(s).  If there are multiple parents the inherited size is averaged.  In the examples shown above the sizes of the vertices attached to both surfaces was an average of the two surface sizes.  That affected the biasing while curve meshing.