Explicit Specification of Intervals Using Interval Size

The number of intervals along curves can be specifying by setting a desired interval size.  The interval size can be explicitly set curve by curve, or indirectly set by specifying the interval size on a surface or volume containing that curve. The size for an entity is determined with the following method. If the entity has a size explicitly set then that size is used. Otherwise the entity averages the size determined for its parents.  If an entity doesn't have any parents then a size is automatically calculated from all of the geometry in the model.  If the auto size functionality is turned off then a default size of 1.0 is used. Some meshing algorithms may calculate a different default size.

For example, Suppose you have two volumes that share a face and corresponding curves.  If the size on volume one is set to 1.0 and the size on volume two is set to 3.0 then the size for the common face will be set to 2.0.  The size for the remaining faces on volume one and two will be 1.0 and 3.0 respectively.  The size for the common curves will be set to 2.0.

The command to specify the interval size at the command line is:

{Curve|Surface|Volume|Body|Group} <range> [Interval] Size <interval_size>

Interval sizes set directly on an entity are given the type “user_set”. Interval sizes determined from parents or automatically calculated are give the type “calculated”.  

When interval matching or meshing the interval count for each curve is computed by dividing the curve's arc length by the specified interval size. Interval counts calculated in this manner are considered to have a default firmness of soft.  This firmness can be changed with the following command:

         {geom_list} Interval {Default | Soft | Hard}

If an entity has a valid size, having one set explicitly or derived from its parents or calculated automatically, then this command will set the firmness of the calculated intervals.  The setting is reset to default when a new size is set on this entity.

The user can scale the current intervals or size with the following commands. Scaling is done on an entity by entity basis.

{Curve|Surface|Volume|Body|Group} <range> [Interval] Size Factor <factor>