Renewable Energy Grid Integration Systems (REGIS) Workshop

The Challenge of Interconnection Renewable Energy Resources as Baseload

January 12-15, 2009


This workshop brought together utilities, policymakers, renewable technology experts, regulators, standards officials, equipment suppliers and transmission engineers to discuss the challenges and opportunities for increasing the penetration of renewables in the electric power grids of APEC economies as storage technologies, grid management techniques and modeling tools evolve.

The workshop was hosted by the United States Department of Energy in Hawaii. The State of Hawaii had adopted a goal of meeting 70% of all its energy needs (electricity and transportation) from renewables by the year 2030. Participants saw first-hand some projects that were helping to bring this about.


Opening Plenary

APEC Energy Overview Cary Bloyd Argonne National Laboratory
NEDO Overview Ken Johnson New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Solar Energy Technologies Program: Systems Integration Activities Dan Ton US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Program
Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative William P. Parks Jr US DOE Power Technologies Program

Grid Integration of Wind

Hawaii Energy, Environment, and Sustainability: Aspects of Grid Integration of As-Available Resources Terry Surles Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Wind Power Grid Integration in New Zealand David Natusch APEC Energy Business Network

Grid Integration of Solar

The US DOE Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems Program “SEGIS” Abraham Ellis (presented for Ward Bower) Sandia National Laboratories
NEDO Research Related to Large-scale PV-related Grid-connection Projects Hirofumi Nakama New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Promises and Challenges of Utility Scale PV Grid Integration – Lessons from Lana’i Leo Casey, Robert Johnson, and Bob Reedy SatCon Technology Corp, SunPower Corp, and FSEC

Energy Storage and Renewable Energy

NEDO Research Related to Battery Storage Applications for Integration of Renewable Energy Satoshi Morozumi New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Abbas Akhil Sandia National Laboratories

Grid Operations and Management

Forest City Overview Jon Wallenstrom and William Boudra Forest City

Modeling and Simulation

The Particularity of the Power Network Incorporating with the Aggregation of Distributed PV Systems Kosuke Kurokawa Tokyo Institute of Technology
Renewable Energy Interconnection and Storage – Technical Aspects Ben Kroposki National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Renewable Energy Grids Over Time

Japanese Policies Related to New and Renewable Energy & Grid Integration Takashi Kawabata Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

Collaboration on Renewable Energy Grid Issues

Renewable Systems Interconnection Study Juan Torres Sandia National Laboratories
Lāna‘i – A Source of Renewable Energy for Hawaii Chris Lovvorn Castle & Cooke, Hawaii