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EESAT 2013 Conference Proceeding Downloads

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The full papers also can be downloaded individually from the links below:

  • › John Banka, Dispatchable Hydro-Electricity [PDF, 388 kb]
  • › Geoff L. Brennecka, et al., Capacitor Development for Reliable High Temperature Operation in Inverter Applications [PDF, 1.2 mb]
  • › David R. Conover and David Schoenwald, Measuring and Expressing The Performance of Energy Storage Systems [PDF, 586 kb]
  • › Mario Gottfried and Kitch Wilson, Ph.D., KEMEA: A Game-Changing Battery [PDF, 757 kb]
  • › Wes Greenwood, et al., Optimization of Solar PV Smoothing Algorithms for Reduced Stress on a Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage System [PDF, 2.3 mb]
  • › Timothy F. Havel, A Modular, Thermally Closed, Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System [PDF, 1.1 mb]
  • › Steven Hickey, RedFlow ZBM USA Operational Experience [PDF, 607 kb]
  • › John Hostetler, et al., SiC JFETS Reduce the Balance-of-System for Stationary Energy Storage Power Conversion Systems [PDF, 1.1 mb]
  • › Ryan Jansen, et al., Demonstration of a Utility-Scale Lithium-Ion Battery System with a Wind Turbine [PDF, 1.1 mb]
  • › Georgios Karmiris and Tomas Tengner, Peak Shaving Control Method for Energy Storage [PDF, 779 kb]
  • › Michael King and Dr. John Apps, Compressed Air Energy Storage: Matching the Earth to the Turbo-Machinery -- No Small Task [PDF, 1.1 mb]
  • › Michelle Lim and Frank Barnes, Energy Storage Sizing and Placement on an Islanded Grid with High Penetration of Wind [PDF, 600 kb]
  • › Andrew W. McClaine, Kenneth Brown, and David D. G. Bowen, Baseload Power from Wind Farms Using Magnesium Hydride Slurry for Hydrogen Storage [PDF, 365 kb]
  • › Jason Neely, et al., The Benefits of Energy Storage Combined with HVDC Transmission Power Modulation for Mitigating Inter-Area Oscillations [PDF, 713 kb]
  • › Dr. Ali Nourai and Wenbo Zhang, Pricing Energy Storage for a Balanced Market Penetration [PDF, 664 kb]
  • › Chet Sandberg, A Review of Current and In Progress Standards for Electricity Storage [PDF, 438 kb]
  • › Dr. Robert B. Schainker and Sebastian Freund, No Fuel Compressed Air Energy Storage Plants Applied to Enhancing the Utilization of Renewable Generation Resources [PDF, 156 kb]
  • › Erik D. Spoerke, et al., Characterization of Phase Chemistry in Sol-Gel NaSICON [PDF, 1.8 mb]
  • › Randy Wachal, et al., Stationery Energy Storage System Using Repurposed Electric Vehicle Batteries [PDF, 644 kb]
  • › Jing Wang, et al., Flywheel Energy Storage Emulation Using Reconfigurable Hardware Test-Bed of Power Converters [PDF, 609 k mb]
  • › Chuck Wells, et al., Energy Storage Monitoring and Control for a Microgrid [PDF, 877 kb]
  • › John Wood, The Evolution of Ultrabattery® Technology: From Innovation To Long-Life, Grid Scale Energy Storage Device [PDF, 473 kb]