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Monday October 5th – Plenary Sessions

Session 1 – Energy Storage Technologies & Projects Update

Title Presenter
Electrical Energy Storage – Technical Progress and Commercialisation Anthony Price
Energy Storage Deployments Scheduled for University of California at San Diego in 2009/2010 (unavailable) Byron Washom
Feedback on the Proposed Eskom Energy Storage Test Farm Pat Frampton

Session 2 – Energy Storage Technologies & Projects Update (cont.)

Title Presenter
An Outline of Energy Storage Applications in Telecom Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa Derek Bristow
A Review of the 2009 Energy Storage Project at American Electrical Power Ali Nourai
UltraBattery for Utility-Scale Storage Applications (unavailable) Peter Coppin
Large Format Carbon Enhanced VRLA Battery Test Results Tom Hund

Session 3 – Energy Storage for Renewable Applications

Title Presenter
A Different Model for Transporting Wind Energy to Market Robert Scott
What Storage Challenges Face the Renewable Energy Industry for Photovoltaic and Wind Power (unavailable) Masaaki Shiomi
Energy Storage Considerations for Wind Power (unavailable) Robert Hebner
Flywheel Energy Storage – a Smart Grid Approach to Supporting Wind Integration Chet Lyons

Session 4 – Energy Storage Innovations

Title Presenter
GROW-DERS: A Practical Project Implementing Transportable Electrical Energy Storage in Power Systems (unavailable) Petra de Boer
Third Generation Redox Flow Battery; a Development Update (unavailable) Mereille Schreurs
Advanced Electrochemical Storage R&D for Renewable and Utility Applications at PNNL (unavailable) Z. Gary Yang

Tuesday October 6th – Parallel Sessions – Group 1

Session 5 – Utilities’ Energy Storage Projects

Title Presenter
Empirical Field Data from VRB Flow Batteries Installed in Remote Telecoms Applications (unavailable) Matthew Harper
Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for Remote Area Power Supply Martha Schreiber
Achievements of an ABSOLYTE® Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery Operating in a Utility Battery Energy Storage System (BEES) for 12 Years George Hunt

Session 6 – Energy Storage & Li-ion Technology

Title Presenter
Spray Pyrolyzed Carbon Composite Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries (unavailable) Jia-Zhao Wang
AC Impedance Analysis of Improved Oxygen Electrode for Rechargeable Lithium/Oxygen Batteries Mojtaba Mirzaeian
Flexible AC Transmission Systems with Dynamic Energy Storage Magnus Callavik

Session 7 – Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Title Presenter
Technical Feasibility of Compressed Air Energy Storage in an Aquifer Storage Vessel Michael King
Evaluating Plant Configurations for Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage by Dynamic Simulation Daniel Wolf
Understanding the Opportunities and Performance Requirements for CAES in New York (unavailable) Rahul Walawalkar

Session 8 – Compressed Air Energy Storage (cont.)

Title Presenter
Adsorption-enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Timothy Havel
Turbomachinery Solutions for Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage Paolo del Turco
Compressed Air Energy Storage to Support Wind Integration and Reduced CO2 Emissions (unavailable) Robert Schainker
Compressed Air Energy Storage as an Alternative to Transmission for Remote Wind Energy Resources Paul Denholm

Tuesday October 6th – Parallel Sessions – Group 2

Session 9 – Electrochemical Capacitors

Title Presenter
The Effects of Temperature on the Performance of Electrochemical Double-Layered Capacitors Isobel Fletcher
Proposal to Build Supercapacitors Using Solid Dielectrics Frank Barnes
Nitrogen-enriched Carbons for Asymmetric Supercapacitors A.J.R. Rennie

Session 10 – Power Electronics

Title Presenter
Charge/Discharge Control of Battery Energy Storage System for Peak Shaving Yahia Baghzouz
Demand Response Inverter for Distributed Generation Energy Management Darren Hammell
Large Area Silicon Carbide GTO Thyristor Development (unavailable) Siddarth Sundaresan

Wednesday October 7th – Plenary Sessions

Session 11 – Energy Storage Economics & Benefits

Title Presenter
Benefits Aggregation for Attractive Electricity Storage Value Propositions James Eyer
Estimating the Value of Energy Storage in Utility Applications Colette Lamontagne
Evaluating Emission Benefits from Using Advanced Storage at Commercial and Industrial Facilities in California Rick Fioravanti
Locating Potential Sites for Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage David Connolly

Session 12 – Energy Storage Economics & Benefits (cont.)

Title Presenter
Bridging the Intermittency Gap: Economic and Legal Incentives for Innovative Solutions in Renewable Storage (unavailable) Elise Zoli
Technical and Economical Assessment of Storage Technologies for Power-Supply Grids Heide Meiwes
Thermal Energy Storage is Electric Energy Storage (unavailable) Mark MacCracken
A Simple Flywheel Induction Motor for Large Power Short Time Compensation in Inverter-Driven Stand-Alone Power Systems Mia-miao Cheng

Session 13 – Energy Storage Applications for Utilities

Title Presenter
Applications of Sodium-Sulfur (NAS) Batteries in Utility-Scale Applications and Renewable Energy (unavailable) Akimichi Okimoto
Selecting the Best Battery System Suitable for Electricity Energy Storage Bor Yann Liaw
Determination of Specification Criteria for Large Scale Battery Systems Haresh Kamath
DC Railway Catenary Regulation Based on KESS Marcos Lafoz