2019 Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2019 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held Sept. 23-26 at the Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque, NM.

Most presentations are available for download from the links within the agenda below.


Monday, September 23

Postdoctoral Poster Session

Energy Storage Planning Efforts for Regional Demonstrations Projects Alexander Headley,
Tu Nguyen (PI)
Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Valuation at San Carlos Apache Tribe Rodrigo Trevizan,
Tu Nguyen (PI)
Sandia National Laboratories
Zincate-Blocking Polymeric Separators for Zn/MnO2 Batteries Igo Kolesnichenko,
Tim Lambert (PI)
Sandia National Laboratories
Interfacial Engineering in Sodium Batteries Martha Gross,
Erik Spoerke (PI)
Sandia National Laboratories
Effect of ZnO-Saturated Electrolyte on Rechargeable Alkaline Zinc Batteries at High Depth-of-Discharge Matthew Lim,
Tim Lambert (PI)
Sandia National Laboratories
Synthesis of Advanced Magnetic Materials for Inductors and Transformers Tyler Stevens,
Todd Monson (PI)
Sandia National Laboratories
Advanced Cathodes for Intermediate-Temperature Na-Metal Halide Batteries Xiaowen Zhan,
Guosheng Li (PI)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Reliability Testing of Lead Acid Battery Module for grid services Nimat Shamim,
David Reed (PI)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dihydroxyphenazines as Anolytes for Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Nadeesha Nambukar Wellala Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Operando Investigations of Bismuth Additives on the Rechargeability of MnO2 in Alkaline Batteries Andrea Bruck,
Matthew Kim,
Josh Gallaway (PI)
Northeastern University


Tuesday, September 24

Welcome/Opening Session

Opening Plenary / Overview Jim Greenberger NAATBatt
DOE Welcome Dr. Imre Gyuk DOE Office of Electricity


2020 Biennial Energy Storage Review Ramteen Sioshansi The Ohio State University
Engaging Academia: Creating Productive Networks Erik Spoerke Sandia National Laboratories
Update on Energy Storage System Reliability Codes & Standards Activities Charlie Vartanian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage Projects Team Overview Daniel Borneo Sandia National Laboratories

Equitable Regulatory Environment

Overview of Equitable Regulatory Environment Programs at PNNL Jeremy Twitchell Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Regulatory Insights from the Southeastern Energy Storage Workshop Rebecca O’Neil Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
An Energy Storage Valuation Handbook for Regulators Dhruv Bhatnagar Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Valuation of Energy Storage in the US Electricity and Frequency Regulation Markets Felipe Wilches-Bernal Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Policy Initiatives Will McNamara Sandia National Laboratories

Industry Acceptance

Nantucket Island Energy Storage System Assessment Patrick Balducci Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Demonstration of Energy Storage Benefits Around the Nation Ben Schenkman Sandia National Laboratories
Microgrid Evaluation Tool Di Wu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Technical Challenges for Energy Storage in Metro Rail Applications Kevin Blackman Helix Power Corporation
BESS Control of A Grid to Liberate Renewables Clay Koplin Cordova Electric Cooperative (CEC)

Materials I

Zn/MnO2 Batteries Tim Lambert Sandia National Laboratories
Progress on the development of the ZnMnO2 rechargeable battery Sanjoy Banerjee Urban Electric Power
High Voltage Zn-MnO2 batteries: Making Zn the new Li Gautam Yadav City College of New York
Discharge Mechanism of MnO2 in DeepCycle Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries Igor Vasiliev New Mexico State University
Advanced Manganese Oxide-based Cathodes for Rechargeable Aqueous Zinc-ion Batteries Xingbo Liu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Safety Performance

Thermal Runaway Risks for Li-ion Batteries in Energy Storage Systems Hsin Wang Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Abuse Test Development: Mechanisms and Materials Impact of Abused LithiumIon Batteries Loraine Torres-Castro Sandia National Laboratories
Predicting and Mitigating Cascading Failure in Stacks of Lithium-Ion Cells John Hewson Sandia National Laboratories
Update on Energy Storage System Safety Codes & Standards Activities Matthew Paiss Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Poster Session I

Wednesday, September 25

Plenary Review & Overview Jim Greenberger NAATBatt


Long-term Performance Assessment of Li-ion Battery Chemistries under Grid Services Daiwon Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Safety and Performance of Commercial Lithium-Ion Cells Yuliya Preger Sandia National Laboratories
Heat Release from Thermal Decomposition of Layered Metal Oxide Cathodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries Randy Shurtz Sandia National Laboratories
Battery State of Health Model Vish Viswanathan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Washington Clean Energy Fund Battery Testing Program Results Alasdair Crawford Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Overview of Sandia’s Energy Storage Analytics Work/Equitable Regulatory Environment Thrust Area Raymond Byrne Sandia National Laboratories
Operating Cost Model for Battery Energy Storage System Tu Nguyen Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Financing & System Pricing Survey Study Series Richard Baxter Mustang Prairie Energy
Optimization Performance Evaluation Tool Jan Alam Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
QuESt: An Energy Storage Application Suite Ricky Concepcion Sandia National Laboratories

Materials II

Elucidating Molecular Transport through Membranes in Flow Batteries Travis Anderson Sandia National Laboratories
Materials and Membranes for High Energy Density Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Jagjit Nanda Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Phenazine-Based Anolyte Materials in Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Aaron Hollas Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Capacity fade with aqueous-soluble organics: its measurement, minimization, and reversal Michael Aziz Harvard University
Predicting functionality and resiliency of aqueous organic redox flow battery Vijay Murugesan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Materials II, Continued

Low Temperature Molten Sodium Halide Batteries Erik Spoerke Sandia National Laboratories
Component Research for Redox Flow Batteries and Open Batteries Tom Zawodzinski
Battery Systems Based on Naturally Abundant, Low Cost Materials Amy Marschilok
Esther Takeuchi
Kenneth Takeuchi
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook University
Advanced Membranes for Flow Batteries: Anion Exchange Membranes Cy Fujimoto Sandia National Laboratories
Understanding the Mechanical Behavior of Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage Yang-Tse Cheng University of Kentucky
Investigation of IntermediateTemperature Na-Metal Halide (Na-MH) Batteries and Large Cell Demonstration Guosheng Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Development of high-performance Na-ion battery with layered transitional metal oxide cathodes Xiaolin Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Power Electronics

Development of the Sandia Advanced Power Electronic Conversion Systems Laboratory Jacob Mueller Sandia National Laboratories
Smart GaN-based Inverters for Grid-tied Energy Storage Systems Medhi Ferdowsi InnoCit
Low Voltage and High Current Bidirectional Converter for Grid-tied Flow Battery Energy Storage System Alex Huang University of Texas at Austin
High Frequency Link Converters using Advanced Magnetics Todd Monson Sandia National Laboratories
Medium-voltage Power Electronics for Grid-tied Energy Storage Anant Argawal The Ohio State University

Poster Session II

Thursday, September 26

Plenary Review Jim Greenberger NAATBatt

Energy Storage Equitable Regulatory Environment Workshop

Raymond Byrne
Patrick Balducci
Howard Passell
Will McNamara
Bobby Jeffers
Jeremy Twitchell
Dhruv Bhatnagar
Facilitator, Sandia National Laboratories
Facilitator, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia National Laboratories
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Peer Reviewer Evaluations Due

Session Wrap-Up

Vince Sprenkle / Wei Wang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Babu Chalamala Sandia National Laboratories
Dr. Imre Gyuk DOE Office of Electricity

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