2018 Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2018 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held September 25-27 at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, NM.

Most presentations and posters are available for download from the links within the agenda below.



Tuesday, September 25

7:30-8:45am Peer Reviewers’ Breakfast & Information Meeting Gina Fresquez
J. Hernandez
Sandia National Laboratories
8:50-8:55am Facilitator Opening and Introductions James Greenberger NAATBatt International
9:00-9:30am DOE Welcome Dr. Imre Gyuk US Department of Energy
Office of Electricity
9:35-9:45am Electricity Advisory Committee Ramteen Sioshansi The Ohio State University
9:50-10:20am Laboratories’ Summary Overview
Michael Starke
Vincent Sprenkle
Babu Chalamala
Michael Starke
Vincent Sprenkle
Babu Chalamala
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratories
Morning Break
10:45-11:50am Meet the 2018 Peer Reviewers James Greenberger, Facilitator
12:00pm Lunch – provided onsite at the Eldorado Irene Trujillo Sandia National Laboratories
1:00-1:55pm Energy Storage R&D and Academic Partners
Session Chair Erik Spoerke Sandia National Laboratories
Alkaline Zn-MnO2 Batteries Sanjoy Banerjee City University of New York
Advanced Capacitors for Future Power Conversion Systems Bruce Gnade Southern Methodist University
2:00-2:40pm Energy Storage: Industrial Acceptance
Session Chair Patrick Balducci Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Battery Storage State of Health Model Vish Viswanthan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Control System Enhancement Using the
Optimization Performance Evaluation Tool
Jan Alam Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
HECO Demand Response Tool Di Wu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2:45-3:50pm Equitable Regulatory Environment & Status Report
Session Chairs Ray Byrne
Rebecca O’Neil
Sandia National Laboratories
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage: State Regulatory Engagement Jeremy Twitchell Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
ES Valuation Optimization Tool Ricky Concepcion
Felipe Wilches-Bernal
Sandia National Laboratories
Optimal Sizing of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage with Stochastic Load and PV Generation for Islanded Operation David Copp Sandia National Laboratories
Optimal Time-of-Use Management with Power Factor Correction Using Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Systems Tu Nguyen Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage & Financing Richard Baxter Mustang Prairie
Afternoon Break
4:00-5:15pm Applied Materials I
Session Chair Wei Wang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Flow Battery Electrolyte Chemistry Development Vijay Murugesan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Aqueous Soluble Organic (ASO) Flow Battery Development Aaron Hollas Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Intermediate Temperature Na -Metal Halide Development Guosheng Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Na-ion Battery Development Xiaolin Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Li-ion Reliability Daiwon Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
5:30-6:30pm Meet and Greet Reception Irene Trujillo Sandia National Laboratories

Wednesday, September 26

8:30-9:00am Energy Storage / Industry Acceptance: Demonstrations and Deployment
Session Chair Dan Borneo Sandia National Laboratories
Applications that Reduce the Use of Gensets Craig Kuntz Cordova Electric Cooperative
NEC Lithium Ion ESS located at Howard Elementary: Resiliency and Utility Support (EWEB) Matt Ibaraki Eugene Water & Electric Board
CESA State Projects and Policy Development Todd Olinsky-Paul Clean Energy States Alliance
9:15-9:45am Energy Storage for Grid Resilience
Session Chair Frank Currie Sandia National Laboratories
ESS on ANZA Grid for T&D and Resiliency Support Frank Currie Sandia National Laboratories
Multi Objective Labs for Energy Storage Resiliency Benjamin Schenkman Sandia National Laboratories
Grid Stability Using Distributed Energy Storage David Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories
Morning Break
10:00-10:50am Power Electronics
Session Chair Stan Atcittty Sandia National Laboratories
Power Dense Converter Electronics for Grid-tied ESS Bruce Pilvelait Creare
All-SiC Power Module for Grid-tied Energy Storage Ranbir Singh GeneSic
Smart GaN-based Inverters for Grid-tied ESS Medhi Ferdowsi InnoCit
Reliability Characterization of Wide-Band Gap Semiconductor Switches Slobodyan Oleksiy Sandia National Laboratories
Morning Break
11:00-11:55am New Energy Storage Technologies
Session Chair Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Low Cost Membrane Separators for High Energy Density Organic Radical Mediated Flow Batteries Ethan Self Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Processes in Components for the Redox Flow Battery Tom Zawodzinski Univ TN/ Knoxville
Novel Ground Level Integrated Diverse Energy Storage (GLIDES) Ayyoub Momen Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Power Electronics Based Grid Integration Technology for Energy Storage Applications Madhu Chinthavali* Oak Ridge National Laboratory
12:00pm Lunch – provided onsite at the Eldorado Irene Trujillo Sandia National Laboratories
1:05-2:00pm Energy Storage Safety & Reliability
Session Chair Summer Ferreira Sandia National Laboratories
Aging and Abuse of Commercial Li-ion Cells Summer Ferreira Sandia National Laboratories
Battery Abuse Test Development Josh Lamb Sandia National Laboratories
Using Modeling to Predict & Mitigate Thermal Runaway John Hewson Sandia National Laboratories
Update on Energy Storage System Safety Roadmap Codes and Standards Activities Charlie Vartanian Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2:00-3:00pm ES – Applied Materials II
Session Chair Travis Anderson Sandia National Laboratories
Alkaline Batteries for Grid Storage Applications Tim Lambert Sandia National Laboratories
Membranes for Flow Battery Applications Cy Fujimoto Sandia National Laboratories
Aqueous-Soluble Organic Flow Battery Chemistry with Long Lifetime in Weak Alkaline Electrolyte Michael Aziz Harvard University
Relating Membrane Materials Properties to Crossover Mechanisms in Flow Batteries Travis Anderson
Leo Small
Sandia National Laboratories
Materials Advances for Molten Sodium Batteries Erik Spoerke Sandia National Laboratories
Afternoon Break
3:15-4:15pm Focus on ES Partnerships and Collaborations with Industry & Academia
Session Chair David Rosewater Sandia National Laboratories
Optimization and Controls for ES Safety David Reed Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
On the Role of Energy Storage in the Operation of Future Fossil Free Utilities Robb Thomson National Institute of Standards and Technology
Demonstration of a kW Class Redox Battery Using an Advanced Bi-additive Vanadium Sulfate Electrolyte Brian Berland ITN Energy Systems
Improving Stability of Battery Additives and Electrolytes Using Redox Non-Innocent Ligand Complexes Mitch Anstey Davidson College (North Carolina)
4:20-4:50pm 2018 ES Poster Session Introductions James Greenberger NAATBatt International
5:00-6:30pm Poster Session & Interviews

Thursday, September 27

9:00-10:00am Innovative Next Steps & Funding Opportunities Round Table Discussion Varied Varied
10:00-10:30am DOE OE Closeout Remarks Dr. Imre Gyuk DOE
8:00-11:30am Completed Peer Review Evaluations Accepted Onsite J. Hernandez SNL