2016 Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2016 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held Sept. 25-28 at the Renaissance Washington DC Dupont Circle Hotel, Washington, DC.

Most presentations and posters are available for download from the links within the agenda below.


Monday, September 26

Welcome/Opening Session

Welcome Jim Greenberger NAATBatt
Welcome and DOE Perspective DOE/OE Program Overview Dr. Imre Gyuk U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Electricity Energy Storage Program
DOE/ARPA-E Program Overview Paul Albertus Dept. of Energy/Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy
DOE/OE/SNL Program Overview Babu Chalamala Sandia National Laboratories
DOE/OE/PNNL Program Overview Vincent Sprenkle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE/OE/ORNL Program Overview Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Session 2 — Applied Materials: Travis Anderson, Sandia National Laboratories

Advanced Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries Cy Fujimoto Sandia National Laboratories
Sodium Based Battery Development Erik Spoerke Sandia National Laboratories
Advanced Materials for Multi-electron Redox Flow Batteries Travis Anderson Sandia National Laboratories
Paths to Improved Cell Performance in RFBs Thomas Zawodzinski University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Improved Materials for Flywheel ES Application Tim Boyle Sandia National Laboratories
Organic Aqueous Flow Batteries for Massive Electrical Energy Storage Michael Aziz Harvard University
New Frontiers and Energy Storage Challenges – ACEP Study: Cordova Electric Run of the River Gwen Holdmann Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Session 3 — Energy Storage and Equitable Regulatory Environment/Strategic Outreach: Ray Byrne & Jacquelynne Hernandez, Sandia National Laboratories

Regulatory Engagement and Program Design Rebecca O’Neil Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Estimating Potential Revenue from Electrical Energy Storage in PJM Ray Byrne Sandia National Laboratories
BPA Project David Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories
SNL/ESS Strategic Outreach Panel Change and Introduction Jacquelynne Hernandez Sandia National Laboratories
Global Energy Storage Database Cedric Christensen Strategen Consulting
New Mexico Energy Office: Energy Storage Perspective Daren Zigich New Mexico Energy Office
NM Energy Storage and Rural Electric Cooperatives Andrew Rodke CESA/Santa Fe Community College

Session 4 — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Advanced Materials: Vincent Sprenkle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Enhance Ionic Conductivity & Stability of La2/3-x?1/3-2xLi3xTiO3 (LLTO) Solid-Electrolyte by Grain Boundary Glass Doping Xingbo Liu West Virginia University
Recent Progress in Intermediate Temperature Na-metal Halide Battery Technology for Stationary Energy Storage Applications Guosheng Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Recent Developments in Aqueous Soluble Organic Flow Battery Systems Wei Wang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
VRFB Stack Development David Reed Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Enabling High Coulombic Efficiency and Low Temperature Performance Na-ion Battery Hard Carbon Anodes with Advanced Electrolyte Xiaolin Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Energy Storage Reliability Workshop: Outcomes and Direction Vincent Sprenkle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Lifecycle Evaluation of Different Li-Ion Battery Chemistries Under Grid Duty Cycles Daiwon Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
EESAT 2017 Plans and Preparations David Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories


Tuesday, September 27

Session 5 — Energy Storage Validated Safety and Reliability: Summer Ferreira, Sandia National Laboratories

Energy Storage System Safety Working Group Activities: Achievements and Next Steps Summer Ferreira Sandia National Laboratories
Documenting and Verifying ESS Safety with Codes and Standards David Conover, Pam Cole Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Developing Battery Safety and Abuse Testing for Stationary Battery Applications Josh Lamb Sandia National Laboratories
Predictive Modeling for Energy-Storage Safety in Abnormal Thermal Scenarios John Hewson Sandia National Laboratories
Thermal Runaway Propagation Suppression in Lithium-ion Battery Systems David Rosewater Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Technologies: Assessing Reliability and Safety Summer Ferreira Sandia National Laboratories

Session 6 — ESS Demonstrations and Analysis: Dan Borneo, Sandia National Laboratories

Industry Acceptance – ES Projects Overview Applications Dan Borneo Sandia National Laboratories
Stafford Hill Solar Storage Project Dan Belarmino Green Mountain Power
CESA State Projects and Policy Development Todd Olinsky-Paul Clean Energy States Alliance
Measuring and Expressing ESS Performance Vilayanur Viswanathan, David Conover, David Schoenwald Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories
ES Analysis Using BESS Tool Patrick Balducci Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Wind Integration in West Texas Using Energy Storage Elizabeth Endler Shell International Exploration and Production (US) Inc.
Keynote Address: Hawai’i Energy: Status, Issues, Storage Richard Rocheleau HNEI/University of Hawaii

Session 7 — Power Electronics: Stan Atcitty, Sandia National Laboratories

High Frequency Link Converters using Advanced Magnetics Todd Monson Sandia National Laboratories
A Power Densed Advanced Power Inverter (API) for Grid-tied Energy Supplies Bruce Pilvelait Creare, LLC
Smart GaN-Based Inverter for Grid-tied Energy Storage Systems Mehdi Ferdowsi InnoCit, LLC
All-SiC Power Module for Grid-tied Energy Storage Ranbir Singh GeneSic Semiconductor, Inc.
Reliability Characterization of Wide-Band Gap Semiconductor Switches Jack Flicker Sandia National Laboratories

Poster Session

Monolithic SiC Semiconductor Switch Development Ranbir Singh GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
Reliable High-Performance Gate Oxides Jon Ihlefeld Sandia National Laboratories
Gate Oxide Capacitance Characterization for Wide Band Gap Devices Adam Morgan North Carolina State University
High Temperature Capacitors Incorporating Novel Dielectric Materials Rashmi Dixit DRS Research
Novel High Temperature Dielectrics Harlan Brown-Shaklee Sandia National Laboratories
Benefits of ES on a Municipal Grid in Massachusetts Sean Hamilton, Ray Byrne Sterling Municipal Light Department/ Sandia National Laboratories
Helix New Flywheel Technology Matt Lazarewicz Helix Power
EMA CRADA ES in Singapore Tze Yong Lim, Hoon Tong Ngin Energy Market Authority, Sandia National Laboratories
Canada WEICAN ES in Wind Application Study Ben Schenkman WEICAN / Sandia National Laboratories
Chemistry Agnostic Cost Performance Model for Redox Flow Batteries Vish Viswanathan Sandia National Laboratories
Low-cost Sodium Battery for Grid Scale ES Sai Bhavaraju Ceramatec Inc.
Electroless Process for Depositing Tungsten Metal for Sodium Battery Electrode Leo Small Sandia National Laboratories
Aqueous Na-ion Redox Flow Battery with Ceramic NaSICON Membrane Eric Allcorn Sandia National Laboratories
Accurate Simulation of Energy Storage Systems and the Future of the ESTP David Rosewater Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage and Market Benefits – 3RG James Eyer, Michelle Ellison E&I Consulting
Advanced Zinc-Maganese Oxide Batteries Tim Lambert Sandia National Laboratories
Understanding the Limits of Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Randy Shurtz, John Hewson Sandia National Laboratories
Baseline Performance of Commercial 18650-type-Li-ion Under Non-Abuse Conditions Heather Barkholtz, Summer Ferreira Sandia National Laboratories
Electrode Modifications for Redox Flow Batteries Bin Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Fabrication of Flexible, Thin-Film Beta-Alumina/Polymer Composite Membrane for Sodium Battery Applications Xiaochun Lu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Organic Flow Battery Systems Xiaoliang Wei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Safe, Cost Effective and Long Cycle Life Hybrid Battery Technology for Stationary Energy Storage Applications Guosheng Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Electrolyte Design Formulations for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries Vijayakumar Murugesan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
ORNL GMLC Project Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Magnetic Composites for Energy Storage Flywheels James Martin Sandia National Laboratories
Power Dense Converter Electronics for Grid-tied Energy Storage Containers Bruce Pilvelait Creare, LLC
Eugene Water Electric Board (EWEB) Grid Storage Demo Project Matthew Ibaraki EWEB
Consequence of Molecular Design in Redox Flow Battery Electrolyte Performance Mitchell Anstey Davidson College
New Mexico Municipal Profile Tia-Lanette Oliver, Matt Tafoya Sandia National Laboratories, CESA
Development of Anode Materials for Sodium-ion Batteries Donghai Wang Pennsylvania State University
Oahu Storage Study James Ellison Sandia National Laboratories
DOE & SNL ESS Strategic Outreach 2016 Tia-Lanette Oliver, J. Hernandez Sandia National Laboratories


Wednesday, September 28

Session 9 — Industry and Energy Storage: Abbas Akhil, REVTX

ESSAT 2017 David Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories
Panel Discussion Abbas Akhil REVTX

Session 10 — Grid Integration

ESS Safety Wei-Jen Lee UTA
ESS & Wind Dave Minster Sandia National Laboratories
Closing Remarks Dr. Imre Gyuk U.S. Dept. of Energy/Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

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