2010 Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

The 2010 Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting was held Nov. 2-4 at the Washington Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC.

Most presentations are available for download from the links within the agenda below.


Tuesday, November 2

Welcome/Opening Session

Welcome Dr. Imre Gyuk US Department of Energy / Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability
DOE Perspective Pat Hoffman & Arun Majumdar US Department of Energy
DOE / OE Program Overview Dr. Imre Gyuk US Department of Energy / Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability
DOE / ARRA Program Overview Eddie Christy National Energy Technology Laboratory
OE / SNL Program Overview John Boyes Sandia National Laboratories
OE / PNNL Program Overview Jun Liu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE / ARPA�E Program Overview Mark Johnson US Department of Energy / Advanced Research Projects Agency�ENERGY
Energy Storage and Grid Analysis Michael Kintner�Meyer Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
AEP Systems Performance Emeka Okafor American Electric Power

Session 2 — Chair: Terry Aselage, Sandia National Laboratories

Advanced Stationary Electrical Energy Storage R&D at PNNL Z. Gary Yang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Development of High Performance Redox Flow Batteries Liu Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Low Cost, Long Cycle Life, Li-ion Batteries for Stationary Applications Daiwon Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Emerging Technologies for Large-scale Energy Storage: Towards Low Temperature Sodium Batteries Jun Liu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session 3 — Chair: Jun Lui, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Establish Feasibility of New Ionic Liquid Flow Battery Travis Anderson Sandia National Laboratories
Develop N2 � O2 Battery David Ingersoll Sandia National Laboratories
Advanced Flywheel Materials Tim Boyle Sandia National Laboratories
Carbon-enhanced VRLA Batteries David Enos Sandia National Laboratories
Superconducting Flywheel Development Mike Strasik The Boeing Company

Session 4 — Chair: John Boyes, Sandia National Laboratories

Large-scale Diurnal Storage Study Poonum Agrawal Sentech, Inc.
CAES Modeling Steve Bauer Sandia National Laboratories
Iowa Stored Energy Plant (ISEP) Kent Holst / Mike King Iowa Stored Energy Plant / Hydrodynamics
Storage Valuation Model Jim Brainard Sandia National Laboratories


Wednesday, November 3

Session 5 — Chair: Dr. Imre Gyuk, DOE

Grid-Scale Energy Storage Demonstration for Ancillary Services Using the Ultrabattery Technology John Wood / Jeff Seasholtz Ecoult / East Penn
PV Plus Storage for Simultaneous Voltage Smoothing and Peak Shifting Steve Willard Public Service Company of New Mexico
Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project Using Li-Ion Batteries Loic Gaillac Southern California Edison
Flow Battery Solution for Smart Grid Renewable Energy Applications Sheri Nevins / Craig Horne Ktech / EnerVault
Premium Power Distributed Energy Storage System Demonstration Bill O’Donnell Premium Power

Session 6 — Chair: Kim Nuhfer, NETL

EnergyPodTM: Smart Grid Storage Rick Winter Primus Power Corp.
Painesville Municipal Power Vanadium Redox Battery Demonstration Program Joseph Startari Ashlawn Energy
Notrees Wind Storage Jeff Gates Duke Energy Business Services
Beacon Power 20MW Flywheel Frequency Regulation Plant Jim Arseneaux Beacon Power Corporation

Session 7 — Chair: Ron Staubly, NETL

Detroit Edison�s Advanced Implementation of A123’s Community Energy Storage Systems for Grid Support Hawk Asgeirsson The Detroit Edison Company
Compressed Air Energy Storage Hal La Flash Pacific Gas & Electric
Demonstration of Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage to Support Renewable Energy Production Dax Kepshire SustainX
Energy East Advanced CAES Demonstration Plant (150MW) Using an Existing Salt Storage Cavern James Rettberg New York State Electric & Gas Corp.

Session 8 — Chair: Kim Nuhfer, NETL

Demonstration of a Sodium Ion Battery for Grid Level Applications Ted Wiley Aquion Energy
Solid State Li Metal Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage Mohit Singh Seeo
Amber Kinetics Flywheel Energy Storage Demonstration Edward Chiao Amber Kinetics
Data Analysis Jacquelyn Bean National Energy Technology Laboratory


Thursday, November 4

Session 9 — Chair: Ross Guttromson, Sandia National Laboratories

Summary Of NYSERDA Collaborations Georgianne Huff Sandia National Laboratories
Module Testing Tom Hund Sandia National Laboratories
Large Scale Battery Testing Dan Borneo Sandia National Laboratories
FACTS/Energy Storage Project Keyou Wang Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology
ETO Device, Converter, and Controls Development Alex Huang North Carolina State University
Design, Development, Testing, and Demonstration of a 10-MVA ETO-based StatCom Dr. Harshad Mehta Silicon Power

Session 10 — Chair: Stan Atcitty, Sandia National Laboratories

NMSU Projects Satish Ranade New Mexico State University
High Temp Controller Joe Henfling Sandia National Laboratories
PE Reliability Mark A. Smith Sandia National Laboratories
GaN Project Karen Waldrip Sandia National Laboratories

Session 11 — Chair: Mark Johnson, ARPA-E

Electrochemical Energy Storage for the Grid Yet-Ming Chiang Massachusetts Institute of Technology
High Energy, Low Cost, Planar, Liquid Sodium Beta Batteries for Grid-Scale Electrical Power Storage Vince Sprenkle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
DOE Loan Guarantee Program Dan Tobin US Department of Energy
Closing Remarks Dr. Imre Gyuk US Department of Energy


Thursday, November 4

Poster Session

Fuel-Free, Ubiquitous, Compressed Air Energy Storage and Power Conditioning David Marcus General Compression
Transformative Renewable Energy Storage Devices Based on Neutral
Water Input
Luke Dalton Proton Energy
Low Cost, High- Energy Density Flywheel Storage Grid Demonstration Michael Strasik Boeing
An Inexpensive and Robust Iron-Air Battery for Grid-Scale Energy Storage Dr. Andrew Kindler and Dr. Robert Aniszfeld University of Southern California
Development of a 100 kWh/100 kW Flywheel Energy Storage Module (1) Jim Arseneaux Beacon Power
Development of a 100 kWh/100 kW Flywheel Energy Storage Module (2) Jim Arseneaux Beacon Power
Flow-assisted Zinc Anode Batteries for Grid-scale Electricity Storage Sanjoy Banerjee CUNY
Hydrogen-Bromine Flow Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage Venkat Srinivasan Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage System with Direct Power Electronics Interface V.R. Ramanan ABB, Inc.
Soluble Lead Flow Battery Technology David Keogh General Atomics
Low Cost, High Performance 50 Year Electrodes Rick Winter Primus Power
Transformative Electrochemical Flow Storage System Michael Perry UTRC
Enhanced Metal-Air Energy Storage System with Advanced Grid-Interoperable Power Electronics Enabling Scalability and Ultra-Low Cost Kurt Kinzler ARPA-E
Development of High Energy, Low Temperature Rechargeable Battery for Load Leveling Application Josip Caja Electrochemical Systems, Inc.
A Novel Li Conducting Solid State Electrolyte by Sol Gel Technique Davorin Babic Excellatron Solid State
Highly Selective Proton-Conducting Composite Membranes for Redox Flow Batteries Yongzhu Fu Lynntech, Inc.
Energy Storage System Model Development for Grid-Tied Renewable Applications Daniel Fregosi NCSU
6500 V SiC Thyristor Development for Energy Efficient Power Conversion Sid Sundaresan Sid Sundaresan
Advanced Electrodes for Low-Cost, Long Cycle Life, Li-Ion Batteries Chris Rhodes Lynntech, Inc.
Development and Commercialization of a SiC Fault Current Controller and SiC Power Modules Jack Bourne & Ty McNutt Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.