Update on NFPA 855

In April 2016 the NFPA Standards Council approved a new effort focused on the development of a standard 855 entitled “Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems”. Subsequent to an announcement for committee members a balanced committee of relevant stakeholder interests was formed and since an introductory committee teleconference December 2, 2016 has been working to develop a draft of this new standard that can be made available for public review.  Since then the committee has had two face to face meetings (January and April) with another meeting scheduled for May, all focusing on the draft language for the standard.  A goal is to complete a draft of the standard in mid-Summer for submission to the NFPA Standards Council for their approval to have the draft released for consideration in the NFPA standards revision cycle.  That revision cycle would include publication of a first draft for public input, revision of the draft to constitute a second draft, posting of the second draft for public comment and continue from there until final approval and publication pursuant to the NFPA standards development process.

The outline of the draft standard (as of the April meeting of the NFPA 855 committee) is a follows:

  • Chapter 1: Administration
  • Chapter 2: References Publications
  • Chapter 3: Definitions
  • Chapter 4: General
  • Chapter 7: Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage – Reserved
  • Chapter 8: Flywheel – Reserved
  • Chapter 9: Pumped Hydro – Reserved
  • Chapter 10: Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems – Reserved
  • Chapter 11: Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems – Reserved
  • Chapter 12: Thermal ESS – Reserved
  • Chapter 13: Commissioning
  • Chapter 14: Operation and Maintenance
  • Chapter 15: Decommissioning
  • Annex A: Explanatory Material
  • Annex B: Energy Storage System Hazards
  • Annex C: Firefighting Considerations (Operations)

The NFPA webpage for the NFPA 855 Standard contains information about meetings, the technical committee and is the hub for most committee work and information on the effort.

Update on IEEE 1679.1 and IEEE 1679.2

IEEE 1679, Recommended Practice for the Characterization and Evaluation of Emerging Energy Storage Technologies in Stationary Applications, is getting two new additions that clarify and flush out materials for Lithium-Ion systems (1679.1) and Sodium systems (1679.2). These documents provide guidance on how to describe and format the characteristics of these technologies in terms of performance, service life, and safety attributes. While not written prescriptively (“shall”), they are elevated from recommended practice language (“may”) into guide language (“should”) in areas where there has been significant consensus. Drafted and edited over the last few years, 1679.1 is now in the balloting stage and could become a full IEEE guide later this year. Meanwhile, 1679.2 is still being developed by the Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society. Their next working group meetings are scheduled for June 14th and 15th 2017 in Chattanooga TN.