Events and Important Dates

This page holds a running list of the events hosted and attended by the energy storage safety working group.

Highlight – NFPA 855

An initial draft of NFPA 855, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems, is now available for first public input with a due date of October 4, 2017. Comments received from the first public input will be discussed by the NFPA 855 Committee at their meeting in Dallas, TX on October 23-25, 2017.

Date Event  Type
3/6/19 – 3/8/19 Energy Storage Systems Safety and Reliability Forum 2019, Albuquerque, NM Invited Talks & Seminars
3/28/18 – 3/29/18 Energy Storage Systems Safety and Reliability Forum 2018, Seattle, WA Invited Talks & Seminars
03/13/18 ESS Safety Codes and Standards Update Webinar
02/07/18 NFPA Battery Energy Storage Systems Safety Summit Invited Talks & Seminars
 01/07/18 – 01/11/18  IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting  Standards Committee Meeting
11/26/17 – 12/1/17 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting Invited Talks & Seminars
 11/02/17 – 11/03/17 (Knowledge Foundation) Battery Safety Conference 2017 Invited Talks & Seminars
 10/11/17 – 10/13/17 10th Biennial Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) Conference Hosted Event
10/9/17 – 10/10/17 DOE OE Energy Storage Peer Review Hosted Event
09/26/17 ESS Codes and Standards Update Webinar Webinar
6/15/17 MRS Fall Meeting: Call for Papers Deadline Call for papers
6/12/17 – 6/16/17 Energy Storage Tutorial at the IEEE Energy Storage and Stationary Battery (ESSB) Committee Meeting Committee Meetings Invited Talks & Seminars
6/4/17 – 6/7/17 Talk on Energy Storage Safety at the NFPA Conference and Expo Invited Talks & Seminars
5/16/17 Energy Storage Safety Roadmap Webinar
Slides: 170510-safety-WG-update-roadmap-final
Hosted Event
3/7/17 – 3/8/17 Energy Storage Safety and Reliability Forum 2018 Hosted Event
2/22/17 – 2/24/17 Energy Storage Safety Forum 2017 Hosted Event