SNL/Singapore Power, Electricity Market Authority workshop

On behalf of the US Department of Energy/ Office of Electricity Reliability, Sandia National Laboratories, and the Energy Market Authority, we are pleased to welcome you to This resource represents a collaborative effort of information exchange by subject matter experts who participated in a comprehensive workshop to:

  1. Review current trends in electrical energy storage applications and technologies;
  2. Identify and explore in greater depth important technical issues in the development and implementation of an energy storage system (ESS) test bed appropriate for specific customer needs in a designated environment;
  3. Share representative examples of established projects to understand design characteristics, challenges, gaps, etc.; and
  4. Address industry and market challenges that will provide optimal value for stakeholders and end-users.

Workshop participants varied in technical expertise and organizational affiliation. The agenda, speaker biographical notes, and technical presentations from the workshop are posted on this site. Further, where possible, notes from facilitated discussions are also included.

A survey is utilized to analyze the participants' interests, assess technical suggested improvements, and review policies and regulatory structures for sustainable electric utility options.