United States Department of Energy

Dr. Imre Gyuk: Dr Gyuk has a BS from Fordham University, and he completed his graduate work at Brown University where he was a research assistant to Nobel Laureate, Leon Cooper. After obtaining his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Purdue University, he became a research associate. Dr. Gyuk has taught Physics, Civil Engineering, and Architecture at the University of Wisconsin and Kuwait University. He directs the energy storage research program at the U.S. Department of Energy, which funds a wide variety of technologies such as advanced batteries, flywheels, super-capacitors, and compressed air energy storage.

Sandia National Laboratories (New Mexico)

Dr. Stan Atcitty received his BS and MS degree in electrical engineering from the New Mexico State University in 1993 and 1995 respectively. He received his PhD from Virginia Tech University in 2006. He is presently an Acting Manager and Distinguish Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories in the Energy Storage Technology & Systems department. He has worked at Sandia for over 20 years. His interest in research include power conversion systems (rated from 1kW to 10s of MW) and electrochemical capacitors and their applications in electric power systems that are both off-grid and grid-tied. He currently works with the DOE’s Energy Storage Program at Sandia National Laboratories as a power electronics and energy storage system researcher.

Daniel Borneo: An electrical engineer and Principal Member of Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. He holds both a BSEE and MSEE from the University of New Mexico. In 2012 he became a scholar in residence at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) where he now serves as a consultant. At Sandia, he serves as the principal investigator and project leader for the Department of Energy/Office of Energy (DOE/OE) Electrical Energy Storage Demonstration Program. His primary focus is collaborating with representatives of the energy storage industry, academia, and state energy groups to facilitate moving innovative electrical energy storage technologies and systems to commercialization products and services.

Jacquelynne Hernández: Educational Background: AB History/Physics, Vassar College; BSEET - DeVry Institute of Technology; MS: New Mexico State University Electric Utility Management Program; MSEE – (Power Engineering) New Mexico State University; Areas of Expertise: Asynchronous Machine Modeling & Validation, Electricity Utility Management, and Energy Policy (Oil & Gas Pipelines, Energy Cyber Standards, RTO/ISO Market Compliance). Currently she is the Sandia Energy Storage Demonstration special project lead for the Clean Energy States Alliance; she serves as the primary resource to the team for local, state, and national policy and regulatory guidance for (energy) market consideration.

Benjamin Schenkman: BSEE and MSEE from New Mexico State University; Areas of Expertise: Power Systems Analysis, Microgrid Design and Control, Energy Storage Optimization and Control (software)

David M. Rosewater: BSEE and MSEE Montana Technology of the University of Montana; Areas of Expertise: Energy Storage Testing, Experimental Design, Data Collection and Analysis, Energy Systems (Conventional and Renewable), Power Engineering Theory, Modeling and Application; Energy Storage Safety Standards (Working Group).