Cooperative Technical Solutions to Global Security Challenges

Whenever possible, Sandia engages in transparent activities focused on cooperative efforts. We frequently partner with universities and institutes, with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and with government agencies in other countries. These partnerships help us implement collaborative projects, establish ties with technical experts in other countries, and identify candidates for our Visiting Research Scholars program.

In 2002, for example, we partnered with Jordan’s Royal Scientific Society to establish the Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS)—an independent NGO based in Amman, Jordan. Modeled on the CMC’s approach, MESIS is committed to the same principle: that science and technology are key to increasing trust and confidence in arms control and other agreements. Today, Sandia continues to partner with MESIS in furthering regional security throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions.

In 2010, Sandia partnered with Texas A&M University and the Khalifa University of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to establish the Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute (GNEII). This institute will enable the UAE, and the Gulf region, to develop the infrastructure and human resources needed to operate and regulate its responsible nuclear energy programs.

Sandia also partners with independent organizations (such as the International Atomic Energy Agency), with academic communities (such as the Monterrey Institute), and with NGOs (such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace). Our robust Visiting Reseach Scholars program has created a large global network of individual and organizational partners who remain in touch with Sandia as they work to promote security, cooperation, and threat reduction in their countries and regions.