Sandia National Laboratories is a non-profit organization recognized as a global leader in modeling and analysis for resilient systems and societies. In support of Rockefeller's Resilient Cities Challenge, Sandia has developed a comprehensive toolkit of infrastructure, economic, and societal models that can help local leaders better assess their specific resilience challenges and select the most cost-effective ways to address them. Sandia's breadth of expertise in nearly every type of critical infrastructure and strong partnerships with world-renowned collaborators, will provide Chief Resilience Officers access to a comprehensive suite of capabilities.

Sandia's unique value stems from decades of experience analyzing the nation's critical infrastructure systems' risks and resilience to manmade and natural disasters. Sandia understands when and how these systems are dependent upon, and interdependent with, each other — for example, how energy systems are interdependent with water systems and when it's best to use state-of-practice or state-of-the-art risk and resilience techniques. Furthermore, having been technical experts in many city and regional disaster planning exercises, Sandia understands how to work with local leaders to understand their city's unique risks and how to develop plans for increasing city resilience through improvements to  infrastructure, economic, and societal systems.