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Quantum mechanical studies of carbon structures

Donald Ward, Xiaowang Zhou, Norman C. Bartelt, Michael Edward Foster, Peter Andrew Schultz, Bryan M. (SNL Wang, Kevin F. (SNL) McCarty

SAND Report – 2015 SAND Report 2015

Predicting growth of graphene nanostructures using high-fidelity atomistic simulations

Norman C. Bartelt, Keven F. McCarty, Michael Edward Foster, Peter Andrew Schultz, Xiaowang Zhou, Donald Ward

SAND Report – 2015 SAND Report 2015

Accelerated Molecular Dynamics and Equation-Free Methods for Simulating Diffusion in Solids

Gregory J. Wagner, Jie Deng, Lindsay Crowl Erickson, Steven J. Plimpton, Aidan P. Thompson, Xiaowang Zhou, Jonathan A. Zimmerman, W. Michael Brown

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011

Crossing the Mesoscale No-Mans Land via Parallel Kinetic Monte Carlo

Steven J. Plimpton, Corbett C. Battaile, Michael E. Chandross, Elizabeth A. Holm, Aidan P. Thompson, Veena Tikare, Gregory J. Wagner, Edmund B. Webb, Xiaowang Zhou, Cristina Garcia Cardona, Alexander Slepoy

SAND Report – 2009 SAND Report 2009

Projective Integration for Simulating Multiple Timescale Diffusion Processes in Solids

10th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics

Gregory J. Wagner, Xiaowang Zhou, Steven J. Plimpton

Conference Paper – 2009 Conference Paper 2009
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