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World Congress in Computational Mechanics and ECCOMAS Congress

Littlewood, David J.; Jones, Reese E.; Morales, Nicolas M.; Plews, Julia A.; Hetmaniuk, Ulrich; Lifflander, Jonathan J.

Software development for high-performance scientific computing continues to evolve in response to increased parallelism and the advent of on-node accelerators, in particular GPUs. While these hardware advancements have the potential to significantly reduce turnaround times, they also present implementation and design challenges for engineering codes. We investigate the use of two strategies to mitigate these challenges: the Kokkos library for performance portability across disparate architectures, and the DARMA/vt library for asynchronous many-task scheduling. We investigate the application of Kokkos within the NimbleSM finite element code and the LAMÉ constitutive model library. We explore the performance of DARMA/vt applied to NimbleSM contact mechanics algorithms. Software engineering strategies are discussed, followed by performance analyses of relevant solid mechanics simulations which demonstrate the promise of Kokkos and DARMA/vt for accelerated engineering simulators.

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9 Results
9 Results