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Computing Research Center Enabling computational simulations of complex physical systems

2nd Annual Sandia Research & Technology Showcase

William G. Rhodes, Brian M. Adams, Aidan P. Thompson, Steven J. Plimpton, Suzanne M. Kelly, Michael L. Parks, David John Littlewood, Dena Vigil

Other Publication – 2013 Other Publication 2013

Trilinos Developers SQE Guide: ASC Software Quality Engineering Practices Version 3.0

William G. Rhodes, Michael A. Heroux

SAND Report – 2013 SAND Report 2013

The Trilinos Project - Enabling predictive science and engineering through software libraries for scalable computing

Industry-National Laboratory Workshop on Modeling and Simulation

William G. Rhodes, Michael A. Heroux, Karen D. Devine, Erik Gunnar Boman

Other Publication – 2012 Other Publication 2012

TriBITS Lifecycle Model

William G. Rhodes, Michael A. Heroux, Roscoe A. Bartlett

SAND Report – 2012 SAND Report 2012

A High-Level View of the Trilinos Project

Scientific Programming

William G. Rhodes, Michael A. Heroux

Journal Article – 2011 Journal Article 2011

Trilinos Pre-Checkin Test Script

Trilinos Spring Developer Day - at Sandia NM

William G. Rhodes, Roscoe Bartlett

Other Publication – 2010 Other Publication 2010
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