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Multi-fidelity information fusion and resource allocation

Jakeman, John D.; Eldred, Michael S.; Geraci, Gianluca G.; Seidl, Daniel T.; Smith, Thomas M.; Gorodetsky, Alex A.; Pham, Trung P.; Narayan, Akil N.; Zeng, Xiaoshu Z.; Ghanem, Roger G.

This project created and demonstrated a framework for the efficient and accurate prediction of complex systems with only a limited amount of highly trusted data. These next generation computational multi-fidelity tools fuse multiple information sources of varying cost and accuracy to reduce the computational and experimental resources needed for designing and assessing complex multi-physics/scale/component systems. These tools have already been used to substantially improve the computational efficiency of simulation aided modeling activities from assessing thermal battery performance to predicting material deformation. This report summarizes the work carried out during a two year LDRD project. Specifically we present our technical accomplishments; project outputs such as publications, presentations and professional leadership activities; and the project’s legacy.

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Comprehensive Material Characterization and Simultaneous Model Calibration for Improved Computational Simulation Credibility

Seidl, Daniel T.; Jones, Elizabeth M.; Lester, Brian T.

Computational simulation is increasingly relied upon for high-consequence engineering decisions, and a foundational element to solid mechanics simulations is a credible material model. Our ultimate vision is to interlace material characterization and model calibration in a real-time feedback loop, where the current model calibration results will drive the experiment to load regimes that add the most useful information to reduce parameter uncertainty. The current work investigated one key step to this Interlaced Characterization and Calibration (ICC) paradigm, using a finite load-path tree to incorporate history/path dependency of nonlinear material models into a network of surrogate models that replace computationally-expensive finite-element analyses. Our reference simulation was an elastoplastic material point subject to biaxial deformation with a Hill anisotropic yield criterion. Training data was generated using either a space-filling or adaptive sampling method, and surrogates were built using either Gaussian process or polynomial chaos expansion methods. Surrogate error was evaluated to be on the order of 10⁻5 and 10⁻3 percent for the space-filling and adaptive sampling training data, respectively. Direct Bayesian inference was performed with the surrogate network and with the reference material point simulator, and results agreed to within 3 significant figures for the mean parameter values, with a reduction in computational cost over 5 orders of magnitude. These results bought down risk regarding the surrogate network and facilitated a successful FY22-24 full LDRD proposal to research and develop the complete ICC paradigm.

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GDSA Framework Development and Process Model Integration FY2021

Mariner, Paul M.; Berg, Timothy M.; Debusschere, Bert D.; Eckert, Aubrey C.; Harvey, Jacob H.; LaForce, Tara; Leone, Rosemary C.; Mills, Melissa M.; Nole, Michael A.; Park, Heeho D.; Perry, F.V.; Seidl, Daniel T.; Swiler, Laura P.; Chang, Kyung W.

The Spent Fuel and Waste Science and Technology (SFWST) Campaign of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy (NE), Office of Spent Fuel & Waste Disposition (SFWD) is conducting research and development (R&D) on geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and highlevel nuclear waste (HLW). A high priority for SFWST disposal R&D is disposal system modeling (DOE 2012, Table 6; Sevougian et al. 2019). The SFWST Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment (GDSA) work package is charged with developing a disposal system modeling and analysis capability for evaluating generic disposal system performance for nuclear waste in geologic media.

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Progress in Deep Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment in the U.S. since 2010

Mariner, Paul M.; Connolly, Laura A.; Cunningham, Leigh C.; Debusschere, Bert D.; Dobson, David C.; Frederick, Jennifer M.; Hammond, Glenn E.; Jordan, Spencer H.; LaForce, Tara; Nole, Michael A.; Park, Heeho D.; Perry, Frank V.; Rogers, Ralph D.; Seidl, Daniel T.; Sevougian, Stephen D.; Stein, Emily S.; Swift, Peter N.; Swiler, Laura P.; Vo, Jonathan V.; Wallace, Michael G.

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Results 1–25 of 45
Results 1–25 of 45