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Thermodynamics of ion binding and occupancy in potassium channels

Chemical Science

Susan Rempe, Zhifeng Jing, Joshua Rackers, Lawrence Pratt, Chengwen Liu, Pengyu Ren

Journal Article – 2021 Journal Article 2021

Predicting Future Disease Burden in a Rapidly Changing Climate

Amy Jo Powell, Irina Kalashnikova Tezaur, Warren Leon Davis, Kara J. Peterson, Susan Rempe, Chuck Randall Smallwood, Erika Louise Roesler

SAND Report – 2020 SAND Report 2020

Ab initio molecular dynamics calculation of ion hydration free energies

journal of chemical physics

Susan Rempe, Otto Anatole von Lilienfeld-Toal

Journal Article – 2008 Journal Article 2008

Density functional theory study of transition metal porphine adsorption on gold surfaces and electric field induced conformational changes

journal of the american chemical society

Susan Rempe, Peter Andrew Schultz, Michael E. Chandross, Eduardo Sproviero, Victor S. Batista

Journal Article – 2007 Journal Article 2007
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