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Post-processing V&V level II ASC milestone (2360) results

Moreland, Kenneth D.; Chavez, Elmer A.; Weirs, Vincent G.; Brunner, Thomas A.; Trucano, Timothy G.; Karelitz, David B.

The 9/30/2007 ASC Level 2 Post-Processing V&V Milestone (Milestone 2360) contains functionality required by the user community for certain verification and validation tasks. These capabilities include loading of edge and face data on an Exodus mesh, run-time computation of an exact solution to a verification problem, delivery of results data from the server to the client, computation of an integral-based error metric, simultaneous loading of simulation and test data, and comparison of that data using visual and quantitative methods. The capabilities were tested extensively by performing a typical ALEGRA HEDP verification task. In addition, a number of stretch criteria were met including completion of a verification task on a 13 million element mesh.

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Towards a predictive MHD simulation capability for designing hypervelocity magnetically-driven flyer plates and PWclass z-pinch x-ray sources on Z and ZR

Mehlhorn, Thomas A.; Yu, Edmund Y.; Vesey, Roger A.; Cuneo, M.E.; Jones, Brent M.; Knudson, Marcus D.; Sinars, Daniel S.; Robinson, Allen C.; Trucano, Timothy G.; Brunner, Thomas A.; Desjarlais, Michael P.; Garasi, Christopher J.; Haill, Thomas A.; Hanshaw, Heath L.; Lemke, Raymond W.; Oliver, Bryan V.; Peterson, Kyle J.

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ALEGRA-HEDP : version 4.6

Brunner, Thomas A.; Garasi, Christopher J.; Haill, Thomas A.; Mehlhorn, Thomas A.; Robinson, Allen C.; Summers, Randall M.

ALEGRA is an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian finite element code that emphasizes large distortion and shock propagation in inviscid fluids and solids. This document describes user options for modeling resistive magnetohydrodynamics, thermal conduction, and radiation transport effects, and two material temperature physics.

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ALEGRA : version 4.6

Wong, Michael K.; Brunner, Thomas A.; Garasi, Christopher J.; Haill, Thomas A.; Mehlhorn, Thomas A.; Drake, Richard R.; Hensinger, David M.; Robbins, Joshua R.; Robinson, Allen C.; Summers, Randall M.; Voth, Thomas E.

ALEGRA is an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian multi-material finite element code used for modeling solid dynamics problems involving large distortion and shock propagation. This document describes the basic user input language and instructions for using the software.

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4 Results
4 Results