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ALEGRA: User Input and Physics Descriptions Version 4.2

Denise R. Bleakly, Cecilia M. Gutierrez, Kent Grimmett Budge, Shawn P. Burns, Daniel E. Carroll, Susan Kenny Carroll, Mark Allen Christon, Richard R. Drake, Christopher J. Garasi, Thomas A. Haill, James S. Peery, Sharon Petney, Joshua Robbins, Allen C. Robinson, Randall M. Summers, Thomas E. Voth, Michael K. Wong

Report – 2002 Report 2002

Parallel Algorithms for Radiation Transport on Unstructured Grids

SC2000 (date November 2000)

Steven J. Plimpton, Bruce A. Hendrickson, Shawn P. Burns

Conference Paper – 2002 Conference Paper 2002

Parallel Algorithms for Sn Transport on Unstructured Grids

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Steven J. Plimpton, Bruce A. Hendrickson, Shawn P. Burns, William C. McLendon

Journal Article – 2002 Journal Article 2002
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